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W lease Leeson Dearborn trying to figure out what caused the driver to veer off the road right into a school. We'll go live to the scene with w w J's. Mike Campbell North Korea's Kim Jong UN has crossed into Russia for his meeting with Vladimir Putin. There's been another tragic death at the Grand Canyon. And that story's coming out. Good morning. I'm Tom Jordan morning. I'm Roberta just saying if a w w j NewsRadio nine fifty also coming up in sports the Tigers in Boston pretty good. Tony good. The Tigers doing something at Fenway park last night. They haven't done since August of nineteen sixty five was it will explain coming up in sports at five forty five AccuWeather says a sunny day today with a high of sixty six degrees. We've got fair skies right now at metro end. It's forty-two WW. J news time is five thirty one resume this morning at a Dearborn school after a vehicle smashed right into the side of the building last night. Details live and local from. W w J's Mike candle Mike it is a late start day at Bryant middle school. It was scheduled, but it may have occurred anyway, burdened Tom because late yesterday a vehicle driver in a car or truck went right into the back of this school in the area of telegraph and cherry hill north Bryant middle schools front of the building. The main entrance is on north Vernon. But the back is at north Drexel, and it's north Drexel keys into the back in the school is at the top of the T. If you will that is right where the car went through the wall. Excuse me, right now, they have to boards covering the whole that was made in the wall. These are big boards like six by ten and it is covered up. There's some quick dry out on the ground. It looks like it was in the maybe the power plant area of the building. But right next to that is the gymnasium. There was a basketball recreation league basketball game league game taking place at the time. Fortunately, no, one was hurt. Again school is open late start today at Bryant middle school in Dearborn. Mike Campbell j NewsRadio nine fifty a Saudi Arabian student preparing to attend. Western Michigan university has been beheaded by that country's government for attending. Yep. Pro democracy protests several years ago reports say that in two thousand twelve seventeen year old Mujtaba sway cod was arrested at the airport will try to fly to Michigan to two of the Kalamazoo campus. He was attained in tortured for. Years before his killing congresswoman, Debbie Dingle cows, the development disturbing say every human should have the right to speak openly without fear of persecution or death an era. Zona woman is dead. After thirty say the seventy year old woman fell two hundred feet to her death from the Grand Canyon, south rim. Officials say the woman had been walking off a trail near a popular overlook yesterday when she fell rescue team used a helicopter to recover her body. This is becoming an unfortunately common thing that's the second over the edge and death within the national park this month, California man died after falling from the south rim in early April. And last month, a visitor from China fell to his death and the body of a Japanese tourist was found there, that's correspondent brook Silva Braga reporting. WWW news time is five thirty four a rallied takes place today at the state capital to promote the safe use and sale of medical marijuana. But some say the campaign will put patients at. Risk here with that story. Live and local is WWE J illegal analyst Charlie Langton h early morning. Tom green peaks innovations that the large grow facility near Lansing. They are lobbying the governor and legislature to close unlicensed dispensaries for fear that some medical marijuana is being sold to patients that's untested and potentially dangerous, but attorney Michelle Donovan she's co chair of the butts along cannabis group whose clients are against the rally says some users a medical marijuana are okay with accepting untested marijuana. Let have been grown by caregivers caregivers created these products ten years ago. We haven't read anything in the paper or social media about any patients that have died or had any type of adverse reaction to a caregiver product, the pro license pot..

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