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Oh 100 percent part of suicides you need they run big i'm sure double medium for me double gene allies for medium i i'm i don't know i'm bordering between ackson double double x which double act netflix yeah while stomach small though i i'm very very much the older how uh i think my shirts tight you like antiwar one ripped lean laugh uh but not working at the gym brother the performance gutter man amman as a real yielded up at your mcintyre talk to him about that and i'll do it uh everybody there it like is is in such great shape and i think the the main roster is a bit of a wake up call like oh oh there's nothing to eat at midnight except for waffle house i got to figure this out and put all everyone down there is in such great shape and like i think the thing is that people were eighty four is like i like pretty pavel them like ice cream it's up i really do i like that i'm not rubbing that inter anything uh because i was a fat kid growing up this is what i am more of a fat kid now than i was when i was a kid she grew into it like my instagram my instagram all just looking at you babies cute dog's in food that i can't eat but uh uh i i i eat a cornucopia of various foods pretty couples is one of them but i i just i heard a nutritionist and he kind of just tells me what to do so that's what i did fruity pebbles on the menu for any on the menu twenty more my goodness hey it again and before we go and before we go any further i i already liked jia i don't think we've ever met maybe we have we have me if we have low we have minutes worth.

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