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So what happened was I I was assigned in eighth grade to read a book called the blue aside by Tony Morrison, which was I just found totally baffling because the book is about this young black girl named cola who was abused. Everybody around her and she wanted to have blue eyes. She thought that that was beautiful the have blue eyes. And I didn't know why like why would someone want something that they're not right? And so I went to the library. And you remember those microfiche stations who at Creole like looked up previous like, you know, articles or whatever. So I spent like I don't know how many days just wanting to investigate who Tony Morrison was in why she wrote this book. And then I came across his interview would would would would Bill moyers and Bill moyers was talking about the blue sky. And Bill boys were saying, I don't think I remember a more pathetic, you know, character in the Chola breedlove and in twenty Morrison said, she surrendered completely to the master narrative. She was the perfect victim. And billboard was goes what what's the master narrative. You know and Toni Morrison says, you know, white male life right like data's. What tells us what is mainstream? What's traditional what's acceptable? What's beautiful? And then in the middle of all that is this young black girl who realizes that. She's not white that she doesn't have blue eyes and no one around her love Durance supported her. So she surrendered herself to it. And so understanding that to me was so. It opened up kind of a way of looking at myself, a someone who's neither black nor white and I'm looking at that conversation than a masking the support Jose where do I fit in? If it at all, and then of course, year later when a year later after reading the book, I found out that I was undocumented and also realize I was gay because of AOL chat rooms, and if you remember those AOL chat line, do that's why a lot of gay people find out that they're gay. And I was like, well, I can't be a faggot. I can't be this illegal faggot in people's minds. So I kind of took what I learned from that concept of the master narrative and convince myself that if I'm gonna survive in this country, I cannot surrender to the master narrative of one illegal faggot is supposed to be. And so the first thing you did is came out. I mean in terms of coming out in obviously, you have to come you came out twice in your life. The first time was totally done. I'm totally done. Like, I'm not coming out of anymore. That's it who tried to at my friend to a lot. What one was too much ready?.

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