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Penn state sports network from lear field and then after the game i get jim harbaugh being a sore loser in his press conference yeah thought their offense play extremely well understatement they were also owners the back is really good you know is as advertised and a quarterback sorely playing extremely well there had and also owners quarterbacks and receivers make plays downfield and it was impressive knows naybet say kwame barkley and your team is what you're overrated near ready overrated coach mike number two penn state over number nineteen michigan forty two to thirty jio yeah i remember my dad was one of the people asking questions about when you when the bar for success was going to be put in a different place for jim harbaugh who had wowed and jumpstarted this program in the first couple of seasons but still had one of the division all those things that we hear about jim harbaugh and right now he's got questions i will start judging jim harbaugh more harshly when he's got a quarterback that he's recruited and cared about in that position and dila mccaffrey's on campus so he seems to be the one involved but on the penn state side you mention traced mcsorley is a guy who does it with his legs as well really tough guy a bit under size and has a visible shoulder tattoo which i think there's some when correlation with especially in the ranks of college football special this is a special team and when you've got that combination of heisman running back and a quarterback that's going to have that gritty performance and be a veteran presence this is a dangerous team very dangerous coming up next tennessee alabama a kid in that game down 28 points gave not one but two middle fingers to the crap will discuss it next the weekend observation.

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