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I happen to think that Puig basically lives and dumb like completely rent free. The the basically best apartment you can think of. He lives in the giants head because they're so upset with everything. He does how many times night one on an average night when you get to watch. A throng of games. You know, the wife, the wife in Kenner Chillan. They leave you out to watch my games. You want how many times you think you see a situation where guy misses a pitch and does something similar to what week did where he like angrily at himself was like damn, like one of those things. Oh, just missed that. Knowing that he just missed a pitch times, you think you see that on a given evening? Probably three to five. All the time. So comment. So up on, why say anything? And I just one, you get your teammate hurt into like this whole, the people are like, oh, well, the got him suspended. That's the spends going to get changed to one game. And so what he loses a nap. It's going to happen on a night off that he was going to have off anyways night off anyway. Yeah, get get Hernandez, an extra star big fricken deal, and you just lost your damn near ace right now, at least in terms of the way he's pitching so well done. Well, freaking angers me. Though dumb, just shut your mouth and the whole thing about how we only have issues with him. The way Hundley was talking about it suggesting that it was Puig's fall? No, it's because you guys always start crap with him. It's not that he's doing stuff all the time, and I'm not saying that we always just Mosey and along doing his thing and never is in the middle of stuff, but they look to instigate with him. Bumgarner does it now we're seeing Hunley do. It is just annoying and Iran did, and you listen to the punk has Iran and on the Urania Acuna thing. I'm not going to get into that. I'll let you say your piece real quick and they'll move on to the rest of injuries. Imagine you feel similarly, maybe even to a higher degree on on that one with Urano versus a Kuna. Winter thing. I've said this number of times over the last few years, that one day someone is going to get killed because someone throws inside like that and misses and hits him in the head or the neck or something like that. It's and it's, that's what it's unfortunately going. Take before major league baseball fixes this stupid, and I just hope it really never happens. But that's that seems like the way we're going because these guys are throwing ninety one hundred miles an hour like these like slow pitch, like I got hit my Slough softball game last night, and I just kind of looked at the guy and laugh. You get no fake charged about halfway halfway with the bat and you know, but someone's gonna get seriously hurt doing this, someone's going killed. Yeah, we've seen during bean ball wars. Was it Goldschmidt his back broken or was that mccutchen? It was. They were going back and forth, right? They both ended up getting hit and hurt. I think it was Goldschmidt who got hit in the back end up. You know, we weren't that far from something bad happening to Kuni to based on the way he got hit the people breaking down how he turned and didn't like turn to let him just directly in the in the, but she..

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