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Mechanics? Messina? Yeah. Apparently, they're being the editor. From ranger wreck has vote. Magazine. Yeah. They had a good case against Edgar. You remember that magazine in his seventies called dynamite? Those guys are I don't remember dynamite. Dynamite was like a loose. You get highlights by the way. I don't know highlights. But I do know dynamite. I'm shocked, you don't know dynamite. Staple the seventies. It must have been an east coast get stuff. Like, no, I was living here, dude. I was the minute. San francisco. It was like it was like I'm going to San Francisco city only dude city only publication circulation like those things when I was in high school, and I used to come and see those free newspapers that advertised the CD you're dynamite. Was this whole color magazine for preteens in the seventies? And it would have stuff like this. I remember this one I was all excited the six million dollar man would be on the cover like fighting Bigfoot and stuff. This was what was important to kids back in those days that goes eight nine years old. Yeah. So dynamite magazine. Those guys are voting. I don't know who else. Murph Reader's Digest said ranger, Rick. It's all good. Anyway, in Edgar Martinez pissed me off, you know, I looked at him. And I look at his twenty two hundred hits in D H, and I'm looking at will Clark. And then and then once again, and I listen, this is the seventh time bonds and Clemens have been denied. And I for some reason maybe because I'm a man of simple intellect. I'm not a man of deep thought I got I got pissed off all over again last night. I just said what does this man? What are we doing get sanctimony is high frequent horse everybody? You know what I mean? And this stop especially through the prism of time. We always said like I thought maybe year one. I was like, okay, I get it. You know, the record book and all that. And then as the years start to pass and you start to look back. You're like, wait a minute. There's an entire era of baseball that happened that everyone was complicit in bonds and Clemens were not juice while whistle blowers. Everywhere were calling them out bonds and Clemens were juice in when a lot of people were juicing. And when the managers were pending. Them into the lineup card for juice, and the owners are paying them big money for juiston and Sports Illustrated was making McGwire and Sosa the sportsman of the year for juiston thing, and we all wept when when Maguire beat Maris's record for juiston, and we're all complicit and now you're gonna penalize bonds and Clemens for that come on, man. And then we get into the whole Bagwell Piazza stuff, and like Pudge, listen, I don't mean to slight the great Derek Rodriguez. We might see. Yeah. But you know, they say, I'm the son of a lawyer and the brother of a judge circumstantial evidence is more compelling than like, I have the circumstantial evidence of these gentlemen's statistics and growth, I understand mighty those guys are in and oh two wrongs. Don't make a right. Well. Yeah. In this case, they do. Okay. So anyway, I got all worked up for about an hour. And then he check with Candace. She was trying to make dinner and I walked into the kitchen. I'm like, I'm really hot about this hall of fame. Trying to get some food. Literally didn't even look. There. It is. Screen no sooner than I have a riff here. It is on the text line. Dynamite magazine. I didn't see that. I thought I had my finger on the pulse of preteen stuff and they seventies. Courtesy of the five three. Oh, dude. Shoutout homes. I got Chewbacca and Shaun Cassidy on the cover of magazine. That's the magazine can ask our guest today. I'm stunned. You didn't have a subscription eight fifteen guy today. We will we will body Jill laflin, wearing her giants tanked up as if to defy. Well, it's an injury. Good morning. Good morning. I know I was upset as well. It's happened every year. It's nothing new. But and Edgar Mortiz kind of me, I just because I'm good friends affirma- Griffin. So you look at the numbers just doesn't doesn't pan out. But I guess I don't have numbers. What matters anymore. He think guys get we talked about this yesterday guys get momentum. They quote unquote momentum guys get like guys get hot in the in the in the in the gossip industry like Edgar Edgar have you talked about Edgar Edgar Edgar, and I it was his last year on the ballot. I believe so that's going be a less year guy. No. Before because Tim Keller commie wrote a column actually in the Atlantic saying, yeah, I think he's going to go in and he presented his argument as such you have to look at who's available for eligibility in the coming years because when there's fewer obvious people people begin to talk more about bonds and Clemens and next year. There's only one got jeeter put jeeter in. Come on people. There's jeeter detractors out there. Going going in. But after that it's like the next couple of years, it's empty. There's no obvious guys going in after eight bonds and Clemens. That's there year next year two years, maybe down the road or three years down. They only have three more tries. Another name. We were talking about yesterday. Could you imagine the fury of Barry Bonds? I give somehow some way because there are just going to be kind of like a vacancy in hall of fame talent. What if let's just say, hypothetically what if Jeff can cut in and bonds didn't. Yeah. I don't even upon his head would explode dude literally bonds, so. He doesn't really betray that. He never lets you see him sweat fighting in the dugout though. Yeah. Yeah. And you're sweating you've probably gotten over. They never got along. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, that's that's where we're at. And and that's the deal Mariano Messina, ROY halladay and Edgar ROY halladay the kind of guy when you face them. You knew you were facing a bad day. You know, what I mean, you knew it? How about Cody Ross, by the way. Now, you look back actually this is my thought I saw that. I thought when ROY halladay got in. I'm my Cody Ross deep twice I believe that was the same postseason. He'd thrown a no hitter to write his previous start had been a no hitter. So that was insane. 'cause that was supposed to be you know, Linda can beat him that day. Let's a computer that day. That was the day. They were wolf was limited TIMMY shout out. Timmy, remember, buddy? Jo he said, I guess they think I have a nice. Yes. I remember that. That's how I took that very personally there were harassing my TIMMY, and as far as being the first unanimous guy ever. I mean, that's nice for him. But it's talk by that. That's just Thursday. Yeah. What's happened throughout the history of the game? Is there's been these certain writers that just want to be cranky. And they. Okay. Now in the age of internet shaming now that we see everybody's ballots guys. Don't wanna be that guy. And weren't you shocked by that the I I mean, we look at all the history. Yeah. Well. In these players. I was shocked that he's a first when you put when you put in perspective of people are afraid now to be that guy because they'll out you next thing, you know, it's going viral and next thing, you know, they're camped out in front of your house. You know what I mean? Yeah. All you gotta do is hang out in front of Lincoln Memorial to know how that goes down. You know, what I mean getting I actually got into that yesterday too. I was I was I tried to stay a long time. But actually did a deep dive, and I wound up looking at some Covington Catholic and believe me, I don't even wanna go too far into this. But they're high school basketball cheering section is one of the most insane high school basketball cheering sex I've ever seen. They have some of those incredible chance as like, whatever, man. Those guys are they're nuts. They have entire chance that people are on the free throw line called like shaken, he's he's nervous. He knows he's going to miss it thousand kids screaming at some kid in these nervous kind of like that. Be honest with you. I'm telling you..

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