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Today. I'm sitting down with emily sky. More than two point. Five million people follow her over on instagram. For her fitness programs her name is known around the world. 'em how you doing today. I'm good thank you. It's not an early here in light there is it. Well that's what i was gonna kick us off with. What time is it where you are. Oh what is it now. Thirty or something yeah. Eight thirty okay. Eight thirty is not so bad for some reason i. It's five thirty new york time. I always get the new york. Australia like conversion a little backwards. A huge difference. Isn't it whenever i go over there i get really jetlagged. It's just horrendous. I would imagine so. I would imagine south so i mean i just throw into the mix cheap point. Five million instagram followers. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to the fourteen million women worldwide. That train with you. Fifty percent of which are in the united states. I know that this isn't something that happened overnight. So i'm really excited to to dive into your backstory today and get to know a little bit more about the woman behind all of this programming. Yeah let's do it. Let's do it okay to me about growing up in australia well always probably the complete opposite to what i would seem to be now. I mean deep down. I'm still that little girl. But of come a long way. And i think everyone does growing up but always really shy like extremely shy that i couldn't talk to people if i was at school and had to do something in front of the clause would be vomiting with fee i didn't have any confidence at all. I had no self worth. I was really insecure and struggled with teens anxiety and depression and it was pretty bad and i tried to end my life when i was eighteen. So yeah. I've come a long way since then because obviously being in front of kelly's people on he sort of have to have some sort of confidence in and i do a lot of tv stuff so doing things like that is just. It's crazy for me. Because i couldn't even stand up in front of the class at school back in the day so if i went back and talk to my teachers they probably be shocked at what i'm doing now compared to then i know you mentioned In a woman's health interview that you had a difficult childhood when it came to some family stop and obviously just mentioned the trouble that you went through in your teens. Talk me through a little bit about what that environment was like growing up. Yeah well my mom's always been loving and caring and she did such a good job. She's a single mom and she raised my daughter my sister and i on her aren. We've not much support from anyone else and she I guess she also suffered with me health issues too and she had her own. You know problems and things being a mother on her iron and and then we grew up in that environment and i'm very similar to her and then We didn't have much in the way of money and we lifting community housing and yeah it was just. It was a very different to now. But i think because i had no father figure. I didn't really couldn't really talk to guys very well i was. I didn't really have a good relationship with may not kind of feed them. But i craved love from them. I wanted to be loved and it was more of a fatherly. Love that searching for so. I ended up looking for Relationships with gauze that were i wanted to have a father but obviously that's the wrong way to go better. I'm a teenager and teenage boys to be able to fill that spot or any man really. But i ended up attracting these men that i guess i sold. That always really vulnerable and desperate for love and they were had a few will have to really abusive boyfriends but one was really severely abusive and I ended up getting an restraining order on him. And i think was twenty by the stage but Yeah just because i had no self worth. It didn't have any love for myself. I sort of search for it externally to try and fill that void and Such furred in the wrong places obviously and ended up having a terrible relationship and being abused emotionally and physically

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