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Strub yours over it's time cars show that what's happening at the border is the border is being overrun by those who have no right to cross it as i said before if you're seeking asylum go to a port of entry the matthews brothers studios well this is united states of germ united states of america isn't nazi germany and there's a difference who you're captain gifts the comparison though is one that critics latch onto in they will note among other things that the jews who walk through that door did not choose to walk through that door at birkenau the family's going to the border the parents are choosing to go there the people who walk through that gate at auschwitz birkenau they had committed no crime also the people who walked through that gate they were killed julio oh we e led sell me wrestling keys what he said to me was he said you know the nazis had it perfectly correct hey declared us an illegal people and that follows i it's very horrible thing to make these comparisons stoppable situation i was on are you let's say you're calling the trump the trump detention clever attention centers had one in them talk radio king he's howie carr one of the last times spoke with director comey was in a committee here we had a pointed exchange on what i thought was the fbi making decisions based in part on politics and he and his typically sanctimonious way told me that he disagreed he said the men and women of the fbi do not quote give a hoot about politics unfortunately he was dead wrong swabs hacks and moon bounce welcome to the howie carr show eight four four five hundred forty two forty two that's the toll free number of the howie carr show if you'd like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon waiting president trump's meeting with house republicans over the immigration bill stay strong mr president hold firm don't give an inch this is the big issue of our time eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two six zero three says the immigration this immigration issue is nothing but a smokescreen to draw attention from the fbi scandal on it's working sad yes it is it is i agree it's a it is a distraction at the flag and unfortunately it is working because the most of the mainstream media want the not reveal just how bad the corruption is in the in the fbi and the justice department time now for the trump line.

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