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The previous two years, 2020, 2021. Do you know the quarterback with the best rating through 6 weeks in each of those seasons? You told me this. It was Russell Wilson, unbelievable. Russell Wilson didn't just forget how to play quarterback. Right. Russell Wilson did not fall off a cliff. Okay? There's still plenty of good football left in Russell Wilson. You've got to find a way to bring it out of them. And so that's why last week was a good week for him. Because this is even more on Hackett, and it's even more George Payton. And the talent or lack thereof that's around him. This is not a Russell Wilson prom. No. No. I'm sorry, you are not the last two years, the highest rated quarterback through 6 weeks of the season, and have forgotten how to play football this year. You just haven't. This is what you're allowing Russell Wilson to do. How you're asking him or how you're letting him play as opposed to that's the key. That's what you're saying. No, no, no, no, no. That's not how we're built. This is what we're going to do. That's where you need to Gary kubiak type of guy. You know where you need the guy that you and I both kind of wanted it initially. And I'm not saying that, hey, listen, I really like Nathaniel Hackett, the guy. But when you are a rookie head coach, you know what you don't have? You don't have the clout or the authority to say ha ha. But you should, but you don't. Like, Gary kuby I come in and go, no, Russ. That ain't what we're doing. You can't do that. I don't think you can play that way. So we're going to do it the way I want to do it. Hank, you thought that he did it to Peyton Manning. You do have to pay many. You love that. You do to anybody. Hey, this is how we're going to win a championship. I'm not worried about your stats or the way you operate. I'm worried about winning. And this is what we're going to do. I just don't see how Nathaniel Hackett survives this year. It's so unbelievably foreign to me to even think that way, but I don't see you coming out of this spiral. Like you were in the, you were in this Eddie going down the drain, right? Just swirling around. And I don't know how you're going to pull yourself out of that. Mike florio from pro football talk had this to say about Hackett. And I'll read part of it. He says, some coordinators can become effective head coaches. Some can't. Hackett has proven through 7 games that he can't. Should he get the rest of the year to prove what we already know? Some guys like Brian dabel and Kevin O'Connell can figure it out right away. Other show us sooner than later that they can't. There's no shame in not thriving as an NFL head coach. Few NFL coaches are able to become an effective head coach, hack it like north Turner and wade Phillips. Maybe just better off suited to being a coordinator. For ownership that didn't hire Hackett, they need to ask themselves whether it makes sense to make an in season shift to defensive coordinator, is your ever own? Why not give him an 8 game on the job addition? If they're already thinking about parting ways with Hackett after the season, why not do it as the buy week arrives and 9 games remain to be played? That's Mike florio from pro football talk. All right. Gosh. And again, he came back to what I talked about yesterday. To me, the biggest story that remains over the rest of the season. Yeah, let's see if there's a way to just get Russell Wilson trending. So we can feel better about this investment. But to me, the biggest story is, how do these owners new to the situation inheriting so much of this, what is their view of what they are watching? And what kind of changes do they want to make? How do they feel that this is affecting the business? As florio said, again, there's no shame in the fact that it's not working. One of the keys to running a non dysfunctional organization is to not compound a mistake by making another one while trying to justify the first one. If nothing else make it a bold and big move could help persuade the paying customers that new management isn't messing around. That vibe is exactly what the Broncos currently seem to need. Yeah. Come on, the fans have made it clear. We're over it. We're tired of it. All we've seen is bad football for the last 6 years. We're sorry. Yeah, that means we'll leave before and overtime is started. We'll leave when the Broncos get the ball back late in the game is still have three timeouts. We're still leaving. Yeah. We know what we're watching isn't ultimately the answer. Do something about it. And the best thing you can do right away, what do you what does everybody? What do fans want to do media? What does everybody love the idea of? Change. Right. Change. And the promise and the potential of what that change could bring. Right. That's exactly. And that's the thing that blows me away about this offense. Is you keep saying you're close. You keep saying you're a play away. Do you make one play is all of a sudden you're going to score 24 points off a one play? Do they have a 14 point touchdown? Like a big change they changed that rule because you're not one play. You're not even close to one play away from this being good. And unless you're willing to say, put your foot down as a coaching staff. And if you're not willing to put your foot down and basically tell Russ, this is what we're doing. And I know this is what you wanted to do, but what you want to do, you're not good at it, right? You just can't, you can't play that way. And it doesn't fit you. It doesn't suit you. You don't see it. You don't whatever. But here's where here's where I'm just going to go ahead and lay it out there. Is if you as a coaching staff don't have onions enough to put your foot down, then you're not the right coach. Because while I do not think that Russell Wilson is forgot how to play football. Right. And from that standpoint, this isn't on him. The refusal. The stubbornness, however you want to describe it, to insist the continue to try to play quarterback this way. Because he wants it to be different than what he did in Seattle. That is on him. He does share blame in that. Sure. But you're right. If he's not going to be able to see it himself, then you have to tell him. You have to. And you have to tell him this is what this is the way we're going to. And so if he wants to change everything of line of scrimmage or he wants to be in shotgun and change it, then you get under center. There you have call and run a tank place. Is what we're going to call this is what we're going to run. And by the way, you know, here's the other thing. When you have a group of guys up front that aren't necessarily great Mike, okay? You know what's bad? Is when you put them in a position where they have to read where they have to sit there on their haunches and go, okay, we're going to run it. We're going to pass it. My quarterback is going to change. You know, it's the best for guys that maybe aren't as gifted or aren't as great, haven't developed the skill yet required. I mean, you got a young guy who's a division three football player in minors. You got a guy that plays center that I think is still an average play. I think you've got an average left guard who's got a back issue, you know? I mean, so I think you've got average players up front. You know, average tackles right now at best average, maybe backups that are starting. The worst thing to do is go, okay, now we're going to put you in a position where you have to read everything. No, no, no, no. Let's line up and

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