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Not just for the maximum for commercial aviation in general saying this year has been terrible for airplane sales. The words we're sorry are increasingly emerging from the lips of Boeing executives in response to the two deadly 737 max crashes. Komo's Corwin Hake reports the companies accepting more personal responsibility and a local aviation consultant thinks he knows why after months of using language like our hearts are heavy, and this touches all of US Boeing, CEO, Dennis Muilenburg finally said, we at Boeing are sorry for the lives lost that word, sorry, signals a policy shift, according to aviation consultant Scott Hamilton with the Liam group, a crisis management team finally got through to the executives probably already objections of the lawyers to say, look. Responsibility here. Hamilton also tells KOMO news, the ongoing max problem could lead to further concent- production of the jet at its Renton assembly plant, and that he says, could mean temporary layoffs. Boeing has not responded to our inquiry about the possibility of max related layoffs. Corwin Hake, KOMO news and Julia police shot and killed a burglary suspect this morning happened just before five o'clock along the Logan street. Police say they had reports at the eighteen year old win. Lock man was armed after an a confronted him. At least one shot was fired. The man had ties to Centralia. Police have not released further details. Washington governor and democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee says he's looking ahead of the first democratic presidential debates next week we're excited about this, because Washington stories such a story of success, and I get to carry the Washington flag in the presidential debate. That's a good flag to carry. So I'm really excited about and Italy will take part in night. One of the democratic debates June twenty-sixth in Miami. Coming up, I'm Frank Lenzi. I'll tell you why to local fire. Chiefs, say banning fireworks, would not be justified the number. Bike share bikes has been cut. I'm Brian Calvert and the reason could be where these bikes often.

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