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So that's five years plus two years in highschool not playing football. But all along. We we always said, hey. Then you got a chance to play in the NFL. If you continue building your body and continue approving your motor, and there's a friend of ours. That is a NFL scouts. He's got a bunch of different team eagles the jets and he's from Richmond. And so when we come back over the holidays, you come by practice always would say when you looked at Moee said, that's how they look. That's. That's the thing man. I mean you had Jimmy Jimmy Graham, he ended up making that transition and Kocsis as a great story. But that dude plate for you that dude point heart basketball. I mean, he he was a really really value player. Yeah. Yeah. He He did. did. Moala could play for you right now and make you better. His presence Arkansas playing early in the season different type of team to play obviously, they're so predictable pressure. Now back in the day. People would have said this would have been have it first fastest forty minutes. You're extending your defense a little bit more. But not to the point kinda where you did back at the right? We are. We a lot of night in our opener. I think it'll be situational. Depending on our team foul. Trouble. We're not to the point yet where we have the level of discipline. When the other teams in the phone is of that, it makes sense the press every single time. But I did a good job at the other night. Certainly with Arkansas it's going to be an exciting up tempo. Kane and we're going to have to do a good job making good decisions at the game gets going faster. I got question on that is it harder with the new rules to do two things you want to like back in the day. The press you could in a backward, especially you could bump a little bit. You know, you could put a little different type of pressure. Was it easier to extend your defensive press back in the day where where where officials were a little more lenient with physicality in the backward. I think the fficials feel a level of pressure to call some of those fouls and. Doesn't mean you can't press look at what west Virginia's done. But I do think that certainly entrapping situations and close one on one situations where you're really getting after the ball..

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