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The media reporter at the sports business journal sara gerdes a digital media reporter at ad week and richard deitz media reporter at the ethnic he is the podcast or behind the must listen sports media podcast and i've learned a lot from him over the years about all things sports media hey guys thanks everybody for coming on thank you thank you john you're in atlanta you're there for the super bowl so you've got home field advantage on this podcast tell me about the feeling this this week and what you think is different about the super bowl this year it's the super bowl week generally gets really busy on thursday friday right now right now people are just starting to come in and what i find to be a little bit different this week is the past two years there really was a little bit of a paul around the the super bowl ratings were down sponsorships weren't doing that well attendance issues he had had a ton of issues and this year the the big the biggest deal is the officials in with the n._f._c. championship game and some blown calls right so so the the problems now are not problems systemic with the league they're sort of on field problems and so that just as much lighter mood and a much more celebrate ori mood so far this season or this week there's certainly this suggestion other in the marketplace that the n._f._l..

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