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Course the people's republic of toxic so if you see a surge in the next week or two of guatemalan honduran or el salvadorian illegal immigrants that's the migrant caravan that's that's them so caesar famously said i saw i came i saw i conquered via legals now say we came we saw we crossed the national guard did nothing the border patrol is completely overrun the mexican government aided and abetted them every step of the way up to win including listen to this they gave them red and white school buses so they wouldn't walk in the heat and drove them with a police escort right up to the border with san diego that san diego sector the flags i don't know who gave them the flags on the mexican side on the american side of course that was george soros and since frontier or however you pronounce it basically nations without borders they lowered them up they fed him they clothed them and then they were waving the honduran flag as they were singing the honduran national anthem which to me begs the ultimate question if you love honduras so much go back to honduras and that's the other thing as they're crossing into our country allegedly for asylum quote unquote you're not waving the american flag i mean just for the symbolism of it don't you want to at least pretend like you love america don't you want to at least pretend to say you're grateful to america to our face it's sort of like what michelle wolf did you know everybody's faces at the white house correspondents dinner to our face dom gringo hey gringo we want the welfare the the free housing the food the free healthcare the free education handed all over maybe some jobs that we can get under the table i steal some jobs from some americans and we still wave the honduran flag blank you what this is forgiving my friends is a giant middle finger to president trump to jeff sessions and to the united states of america they are now openly undermining and flouting the rule of law and they are overwhelming our immigration system and america has now been revealed to be a complete paper tiger there is nothing that we are doing to stop them nothing except for a few border patrol guards who are trying to tell them we've reached our cap we've reached our quota you.

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