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Of the world It's ten 48 We have traffic and weather on the 8s now to read a Kessler in the traffic center If you're on the beltway trying to get from Maryland into Virginia you're going to be sitting in a delay on the outer loop from old Georgetown road around across the American legion bridge This is the work in the left lane interlude just some volume approaching the bridge itself not a major backup however but we are seeing delays in Virginia as a long Georgetown pike both directions in your Spring Hill road traffic is alternating for the work also eastbound and westbound route 7 at a crawl trying to head toward baron Cameron avenue maybe some work in both directions but the bigger delay eastbound trying to get through that intersection Northbound route one near Powell's creek boulevard the left lane is blocked with the work Delays both ways of the beltway trying to head towards 66 the work usually on the right side also westbound 66 loads from netley toward one 23 With work taking Elaine southbound 95 slows approaching and passing the fairfax county Parkway watch for work in the right lane Also some delays crossing the aqua Quan northbound three 95 the delays of east headed toward the 14th street bridge but the westbound freeway is still slow coming from the third street tunnel across the case bridge northbound in the third street tunnel There had been reports of an abandoned motorcycle near the D street exit That was taking the right lane Also in the districts seeing a delay coming through the 12th street expressway there toward constitution avenue So watch for any crash activity that may have happened at that point it is northbound on the D.C. two 95 the slowdown before Pennsylvania avenue all the way toward benning road due to a work zone southbound slows before benning road trying to head toward Pennsylvania avenue as well is your Internet provider holding you back Switch to one who keeps you moving forward switch to Cox business today at Cox business dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Storm team four meteorologist Mike Jennifer looking like a nice day especially compared to last night Yes indeed much quieter than the severe weather and flooding we had last night And the atmosphere is drying out too So it's going to be a nice afternoon.

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