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Twenty four hour newsroom. A person has been found dead in lake Elsinore. First responders deployed a watercraft retrieve the body from the water Friday afternoon. The Riverside County sheriff's department says it's not clear yet. If the person was a man or woman or the cause of the death Catalina has called in the marines, the marines and a few CD's have been rebuilding the main runway at the airport in the sky airfield was getting aged. And so what we had to do is find a way to keep that open in good shape. And that way says Catalina island conservancy president Tony Butler bitch, what's turning to the marine? Sergeant David Bickel says this is a learning opportunity. This experience is invaluable and Bickel says it's another chapter layered onto the historic airfield. This is the first time since World War Two that the military has been on the island says the three thousand foot runway should be done in April on Catalina island. Chris ancarlo KFI news, a parolee from Norwalk has been charged with leaving a shotgun in the back seat of a car where a young boy picked it up and accidentally shot his mother charges against Brandon. On brands include child abuse because there were four kids in the car Wednesday. I'm brings was not in the car when the shooting happened. I man who was part of a group of migrants detained at the border has been diagnosed with a flesh eating bacteria infection that could be fatal the migrant was taken to a hospital in New Mexico after telling an agent, he had a growing rash on his leg. US border patrol officials say the man will require require extensive treatment, the Weather Channel will still be watching. But you'll know about it. The weather channel's mobile app is changing its public disclosure policy. After the city of LA filed a lawsuit and superior court lawsuit alleges the apps creators used deceptive practices to mislead users into believing their location would only be used to provide accurate weather reports. City attorney Mike fewer says the Weather Channel appears to have changed his policy and now the app informs users their personal location data could be used for advertising. Amy king KFI news a five time Olympic gold medalist has revealed. He's battling testicular cancer. Former UC. Berkeley swimmer. Nathan Adrian opened up about his condition on social media saying he wants to help break, the stigma of discussing men's health issues. Adrian says he's still plans to compete to make the team for the two thousand twenty Olympics in Tokyo. Well airlines is giving away free flights for anyone booking a flight from Dublin to New York around Valentine's Day, the Airlines's passengers travelling between February tenth and the nineteenth will be able to get free return flights for travel companion. But there is a catch one of the two passengers must have the word Valentine as their first or last name checking in with traffic now..

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