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Circus with James T. Harris. We've got numerous court cases out there right now. We've all So God, ah lot of angry people because they feel as though their boat Woz stolen from them. Not counted. We are getting reports on. We know that some lawsuits were filed over the whole Sharpie incident. And that would roll them to another court case that was coming from the Trump administration. In the center ring of the conservative Circus. We have Ah, Jack willing. Check Jack, the younger to give us an update on what's going on in the court case, Jack, you will be heading back to court soon. I hear Give us an update on your case against the American County. Yeah. Appreciate it when I can tell but by the sound like voice, type it up working day and night. You know, we have a hearing today. The court, which is the probably got you know is that we're getting so close now that some of these certifications that lines back into technical some of the final deadlines for the courts at least to say, what's what's going on here? That the judges are kind of struggling to make it happen. So we got a hearing today for the judge basically to decide if you can fit this into his schedule. And, you know, we'll see what happens. I mean, judges again or taking a step. Seriously. They're the trying toe. Trying to get to the bottom of things, the harder things. The problem I've had on my case is that I am vastly county t Tell us. Can you do this recount? Can you do it? The retail they did was a different kind of re can. It's not the right kind of recount will sink to the right one. And just from getting from here to there, frankly, been hard with the county. Um, so you know, we're I'm doing whatever the heck I can do. And you can bet the party is, um, but you know the courts they're trying T O struggle to do this and the counties? Well, let me ask you this because yesterday, America County Board of Supervisors Chairman Clint Clint Hickman issued a letter asserting that the evidence is over overwhelmingly shows that the county's election results were accurate, he said, his time to dial back the rhetoric, rumors and false claims. No matter how you vote. This election was the minister with integrity, transparency and according to according with state laws of Do you agree with Mr Hickman's assessment? Well, this is basic crime with within statements like that, you know, we hear lots of things like that. And then we see. Okay. Well, if the Georgia Georgia is actually doing a hand recount, the kind of thing we've been asking for And in a full one and in Georgia, you know you've seen the news. Very a 25 100 votes just sort of pop up out of nowhere. Another 2500 votes 2700 just pop up out of nowhere. Um, you know, this is this is why we have these processes have to just say, Oh, we all know it's fine, And we always way presume that everything the government does is just perfect. You know, Jesus. If we did that, we wouldn't have a system that we have courts. We would have a country we do. Let's just presume everything The government does is right and fine and And just, you know, Hey, you get out there and sell another couldn't possibly be any problems here. Now we have to check. So so That's the problem. It's like saying, you know, Like I said, On the last time he and I talked, you know there's no crime out there. There's no problems in the world. We gotta check. You know this is why we have investigative agencies. And this is why we have processes to do this. So that's the big surprise with things like like that. It's basically saying, you know, we don't want to bother to check. We think it's all fine and good dandy. Well, you know, people aren't taken taken the word for it. You know, they say what they want these kind of checks and we've got to fight for it. We have Jack Women Second Center ring of the conservative Circus of a suit filed against the America Picante wanted to count all of the votes. Representative Paul Gold stars called the machines to be turned over for a thorough examination. He proposes a subpoena. Have you considered demanding access to the Dominion system? And can we talk to you into it? Yeah. Yeah, well, you know, there's a lot of talk about this A million system. I'll tell you what I know. Is that the well, you know that what I've heard I should say, because I am personally not investigating this and again. That's why we gotta government. We want them to do these things. What I've heard is that the million You know as these connections in Venezuela, which is already troubling, and that originally the company was founded originally, the purpose for making so these machines was to change votes, which is equally troubling. Now, you know, I don't know, in terms of timing and history and all that that plays out. I mean, you could point out you know, Volkswagen was originally founded, originally operated Nazi Germany and that the sun is showing you the Volkswagen's air, You know, agents of destruction. But you know, I don't. The point is, we need to investigate. We need the government to look into these things. Um, you know whether I agree with food disappear with two formal investigation. That's what needs to happen here and you know it's troubling to immediately but that we're just sort of looking toe know your candidates or campaigns or just anybody out there who is able to check into this stuff to do it. That's not the way this system works. So the public has real concerns about these things. Which they obviously do. That's why we're talking about it. The government needs to act so yes, I grew subpoenas. Yes. What could be more important than this? What could be more important in a democracy? Have been checking into these systems and following up on these things, and you know what If it's the end of the day, you suppose turn out to be, you know, not enough to change the election will pack. We'll all stand by that. That's that's well. I agree with you. I agree with you. It's like if if we checked these machines that we checked, you do a hand called account, and we compared to what the machine is showing us and everything's on the up and up. Who could can't complain. I mean, that's what we want. What I find disturbing is it seems like we have so many of our public. Officials were just rushing to judgment. Oh, we don't need to do this. Just trust us. Do it. I say, you know, like, Whoa, time out, especially in something on s should sail election like this, which is filled with soul. Much shenanigans If you will. Exactly. Well, you know, it was some kind of like of interest here. So like whenever anybody on their job telling him you're not doing your job, right? It's human nature. First reactions. Yeah, Of course I did my job, right? And why would you say that? Knocking. This is why we have a system of government we do is why we have courts. This is where we have investigative agencies. We don't just take government officials at their word. This is why we checked it again. I mean, you're a single seat in Georgia. You know, this is this is why we do this. We are going to keep pace with you, Jack. I want to thank you very much. That's Jack willing check of weather check law firm. He has Ah, court case out there And, as he said, it really does come down to a timing issue. Because of the magic date is December the 14th and we're having lawyers asking for judges to for these hearings. They have to change the scheduling and all this kind of stuff. We have what seems like a some counties rushing Uh, telling us that everything is okay that everything is on the up and up and telling us to dial back the rhetoric in the rumors and the false claims that were like, you know what? We're not trusting you. Okay, There's a way to go about this. Let's have a recount, not just a little section..

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