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Six burglars were asked, how they broke into homes, and they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink. X t to cameras they detect motion, so you get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there, tell the delivery guy, where leave the package or just say, hi, with the kids. Get home blink x t to cameras start under a hundred bucks. So thanks to blink home security just guide easier. Blinken reser available on Amazon, and best, buy or visit blinkprotect dot com slash patrol. Blinkprotect dot com slash patrol. Getting into a home just become more affordable. You can now borrow larger loan amounts than ever before, making it easier to qualify for more home and with down payment assistance. You may even get into a home for as little as down. That's right. Zero down more money to borrow and no money down. Sounds like the perfect time to become a homeowner. Find out for sure by calling the salary based mortgage consultants at American financing. These guys will customize alone that fits your life. Whether it's your first home, your next home. Or your forever home, you'll get a pre approval letters, so you can compete against other homebuyers, and best of all, there are never any upfront fees. Unlike some lenders who charge five hundred dollars to qualify. Start the process now while inventories up and interest rates are low 303-695-7000 that's 303-695-7000 or online at American financing dot net. American financing best service. Lowest rates fastest closings one eight two three four. Regulated by the division of real estate. Presented by HEB its own. Let's get your tickets now celebrity best dot com on any given day we moved together through the city. You have places to go people count on you. So we'll be there, but this isn't any given day. This is the day, we imagined possible from the beginning that we re imagined as we learn more about what matters most together, we made a plan together. We can make it work now. Favorite places seem closer..

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