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By the way The percentage of those dollars a study got done recently by a professor batista amazing professor at the new school and she looked at twelve of the biggest ones they gave away about a billion dollars and the percent that went to organizations that are run by serving people of color and working on justice. The work that mia does Was one point three percent. It's a shocking number. And it's a shocking failure for a a group of foundations that are been incubating given money. That's supposed to benefit the public trust and this is not a new problem. Organizations in the the environmental justice organizations and leaders have been talking about this for a while. and what. We've what's exciting about what i'm working on right now with the of color network with me as guidance is effort that challenges foundations to do two things. It challenges them to say. Okay we know this collective number but bad data is a little old. Tell us two things. One what percentage of your dollars big funders are went to climate justice organizations or any kind of justice organization this working on climate and energy in the last two years. Tell us what about number is and tell us within three months because you have a lot of money in the bank you could probably figure it out it quickly if you wanna do right. And secondly within the next twelve to twenty four months within one to two years. Let's get that number up to thirty percent if we do that We will allow biden president biden who with guidance from mia. Another is now Is working to try to advance. Not just by change but justice. Forty adjusts transition that benefits. Everybody we will win if philanthropy doesn't shift We won't and one of the reasons why the oil companies have been able to have as much disruptive influence and spread as much disinformation and block so much climate legislation is because the organization and representing those who are most affected in whose genius we need to help shape policies. Do the organizing Have not been getting anything close to their fair share. The good news is we've got some foundations like the kresge foundation. That said sign me up and if you go to climate Donuts color dot org climate dot. Org you can click on who's pledged you'll be able to see who said yes who said we'll get back to you but they took our call And who hasn't responded to us yet and so again. I'm so grateful. T read forgiving us platform to let people know because the other thing we do on that website is we feature amazing organization the networks around the country that are there that could be funded tomorrow That will make a difference for the change that we need out and me First of all. I'm so glad to here and we're having this conversation. Thank you then you for this transparency You know those numbers as you know are are just astounding. I hear them. I mean these are not small numbers used a. You didn't say million went to the beware went to the billion and so i guess before we get to the solution and you started to go there and we're we're going to. We want to go there. Because i actually for those who listening i really believe on what donors of color is doing I believe that's the solution for what needs to happen for a lot of reasons. We're going to get to that but this is this. This is keep it. Real was second because we have to do with the harm decimal on arm and with danielle saying right. There's some real harm and the passing over the the The old saying of folks being to write a proposal on a napkin and get to that billion dollars and other folks doing thesis am literally not even getting. There's some harm as many of you know. I was very close to sessile of at and i'm still greed. Because i think that i've seen so many like him die move who have died early Because literally being put into impossible situations so so me. I guess i might have to come to you. Because you're here in this position and at the hearing that and also against the frame this way too as a follow up question on the east asia. Summit you know. This year marks the three anniversary of the first national people of color from a to leadership summit and so mir you mentioned you had the opportunity to attend some as a young person so just kinda looking at that. Would you say that. The those principles of the ej drafted at the summit have remained the foundation of of the movement. Is there cerise centering. And after hearing with danielle said have we lost. Has something gone wrong in those thirty plus years that we haven't literally that folks have died with india movement because they will underfunded doing this work. Wow yeah i really appreciate you bringing in tussles name and and damu and dana allston and gene gallon and like so many more of our movement leaders and heroes who really Yeah i mean. There's the the burden of bore bore the burden of so much caring so much of the load of trying to build our movements with so few resources And i am so acknowledging that makes me really you know it makes me sad that has i don't think that much has changed the that devastating number. The danielle gave like there's the has real consequences and it has other consequences. A couple of the biggest. Which are we are not winning. There's a direct relationship between who were funding. What those strategies and what that organizing and building power could do for the movement and what we are what we're robbing ourselves of.

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