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The defence suit listener who caught but they just set the actual alert would be identified by testing seaman we just zemin in its mr virgin's seamen whether or not there humble clause to move forward is on this case is something that the tunnel based upon that fact alone did it seem it is unlike their victim's body is in trouble hawes at this point try as forceful as she sounds she's wrong virgils dna wasn't on read this body but it was at the scene terry the meal wasn't inquire reporter who covered virgils case after the dna testing was allowed here she's explaining where his dna was found this slip lingerie or night code in it's been described in different ways and i noted that the defence described it more as a housecoat something you might not wash frequently the prosecution described it as lingerie a slip that you would wear underneath something that had seamen on it and virgil could not be excluded from that so there was a spot of virgils dini at the scene but it wasn't enrique thighs snag grass had described and it didn't shake smith and jim irs faith in virgil because he had admitted a sexual relationship with retha so fluids were swapped at some point they consider the seamen in side refer to be much more relevant to her murder the rape kits wasn't all that was analyzed for dna they also tested the drops of blood that had been found inside virgils tennis shoes the ones detected brandt had seized in jail that blood did not belong to read the his lawyers had argued in the initial trial in short no dna evidence connected to the actual crime linked william virgil to read the welsh it took ten more months before virgil was granted a new trial that ruling came on christmas eve 2015 terry demille was there to cover the hearing and watched as virgil walked out of prison in almost freeman it's qualified because he was still facing retrial and had to get an ankle bracelet that he would wear for more than a year he couldn't leave kentucky without permission he was still viewed as an accused killer in the eyes of law enforcement there was a very small group of people waiting outside the jail on chris.

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