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To music being healing tool and so forth I wanted to temporarily bring it to the to the actual little Bass Guitar And is the is the Bass Guitar or bass anything that creates uh-huh low end is that is that more Suitable for healing because of the stronger vibrations interesting I don't know for me. I experienced as a very soothing part of my life also I think more more than the base as an instrument That was an instrument that I could improvise on. It was the first instrument that I actually felt free just spontaneously creating trading on and I recently comfortable earlier. I recently learned that when you are in the state of improvising. You actually soothing moving your brain so being an active. Improvisation actually changes the functionality. Of Your brain as you're doing it. It's also the only time that your the part of your brain that forms I narrative and the part of your brain. That listens are active at the same time. So personally I don't know if it's the instrument itself for the fact that I was free on it. I know that my whole life when I've been playing the instrument I've been soothing myself. I've been soothing my brain it is a blessing but also because it you'll feel the vibrations more your body basically. Yeah that'd be something interesting to look into the residence. What the resonance of the instrument is feels Healing League is hell? I mean it's one other question about that base soon for people that don't know out there The difference between An AN UPRIGHT UPRIGHT BASS or stand standard acoustic basin with an a double bass is different. It's just different names for the same thing. Yeah Yeah can I ask the question. My My dad wanted me to ask you this question. 'cause we were rolling around. Listen to your music the other day and he was like. Oh I I'm a fan you don't have to play it. He said but he's a drummer. My Dad's a drummer drummer. He was like I need to talk about how difficult it is to sing and stay in place data base in. How does somehow he? He did some Amir bills bills shit whereas like the ones the twos fours and how it's hard to get in south was like I'm going to ask the ruin assets. I disagree that it's hard hard I think because it's all hard. All of it is difficult. I mean we know this. You know this practice I did I. Why did I practiced a lot? I think anybody who practiced as much as I did. SINGIN plank would find it as accessible as playing piano left and right hand is just You're used to seeing this little think about it as much but like left and right hand panel independence is crazy ignore ignore. I'm playing so if I'm play dancing. Yeah not thinking about what I'm playing I'm thinking about what I'm singing intimates and I tried to hear it all guy trying to stress to be able to. That's in what it is like a certain point. The Connecticut memory comes in and plays. Yeah yeah so that you have access to that. I have to say though this this particular era I have not been practicing that much and it's really wild to be in like plamen and actually be trying to think of all this should at once. It's it doesn't feel it doesn't feel as as that's close right now. 'cause my dad is eighty and we were really trying to wrack our brains and think of other stand musicians that base and saying life and you played drums. Sure does it sound good good. Have you played on your albums. I have not okay. I got the question but it's not too late. The roots have been trying to complete their last album. And you like to make an album in like three days they feel like the tube you know. Yeah that album was was was showcasing. The process of creation as the project. So it was less about the final product and more about like the art form that we're exhibiting right here is creation itself with all the tight rope walking involved. I truly think personally in my daredevil character that I am like when the risk is real it activates whole other dimension of Ukraine. thity I propose agree with. I agree and not just a music. I think it's anything I feel like. I I do my best work when I'm under so much pressure. No pressure but just the stakes are real really real. You have to write the paper. Do you stay up all night. Threat to favorite for well. You didn't go to college because your podgy thing. The and then write the paper the night before because you needed the deadline. No no I mean like I think we're both referring to like the creative of environment where the stakes are high very real and there's nowhere else to go like. If you had two weeks through the paper you could theoretically start at two weeks out and you could feel that like okay. I'm leaning towards something. What I love is when you're in an environment you don't know what's about to happen and you're being asked to generate and real time a creative response to me that's the most exciting space of creation? Opposition I mean that's exactly what you. Yeah that's also like improvisation at the highest level because Y- improvisation Wanna one could be like. Oh I know. The context is going to be this like see minor blues. And here's all the Scales and the shape that I prepared. I'm interested in stuff that you don't like you don't know yet. What is going to look like? You don't know what's coming at you and you and you co create and real time and invest the wing. Should've Cortez did for the world. They like showed the highest possible level of the spontaneous creation. Literally making something from nothing because they'll we'll go out and have no idea they don't have a set they don't have a song but you learn that Shit so you can forget it isn't that that's the big line about that stuff. You learn skills and all that other crap actually get there you just vacated maybe that said a lot but I. I'm having a hard time thinking of anybody who who actually exhibits. What the possibilities at that level the way sort of quartet also I? Just I'm like such devotee of Wayne's I tried to talk about as much as I can so next level but I would like to propose a not a challenge of Michigan. Oh before you leave. Oh God okay okay. Are you familiar with. Are you familiar with dog. Ninety five have you heard that term All right so what is it dogma. Ninety five exciting dominated Danish filmmakers tire tired of the French flexing. Oh we're the best filmmakers with the most artistic so they yeah so they issued a challenge which had all these restrictions like okay. Well then you gotTa make a movie on this type of camera with natural lighting No soundtracks no data. No edits no end. It was like who makes the best product under all these restrictions there the winner and may call Dogma Ninety Ninety five I would love to see your loved the music version of that. I think there's I think I think Matthew Herbert. The trump musician works that way and also somebody else somebody else. Oh Mono neon. I don't know if he's still does but when he first started he used to like when you at the end of all of these videos he would have his little manifesto or whatever and it was a list of all the things his rules for making music. See the luxury of the privilege though although like I truly Q.. And beautiful and and I.

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