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Post. Laura hardship Biden BLAST Trump Use of military I'm Evan handing. President Trump visited Lake Charles, Louisiana to survey damage after it's pounding by Hurricane Laura this week. Correspondent Gary Tuchman says many people are hungry and thirsty. The water facilities were mustered. They were broken. It's anybody's guess how long they will be out. So what's happening is the president also went toe relief distribution center where they're sending water and food out to people who need it. People right now already are getting very desperate because it is very hot outside. Right now it's 90 degrees the humanities at 66% in a virtual address to the National Guard, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Promised the guard he would never use the military as a prop or private militia. Biden accused Trump of employing US forces to settle personal vendettas and violate citizen's rights. This a day after Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley told Congress Armed Forces will have no role in the election or in resolving a disputed vote count. So many Russians believe the poisoning of that country's leader of the opposition to President Vladimir Putin was an assassination attempt. Leonid Volkov's Believe someone working for the Kremlin on behalf of Putin did the D as off now we don't have a proof that Putin orders. If so, it might be some of the government agencies but the level of organization The, uh, the poisons of the used. It's not something you can buy and a pharmacy in Maryland deputy director of Governor Larry Hogan's Community Initiatives office has been sacked because of social media posts making light of the fatal shootings of protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Arthur Mac Love. The fourth posted support for the 17 year.

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