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Airing develops with eighttime grammy award winning recording engineer elliott shiner eddie murphy says the listener in studio like sound the way the artist intended it to be heard he ls studio premium audio precision crafted audio performance exclusively from acura support also comes from the lock in need is brewing company starting on a tiny stove in northern california and now helping bans get their start on a tiny desk laga need us is committed to helping bans reach more ears through beers seymour ways laga needed supports artists musicians and nonprofit community groups at logging need is dot com i'm bob wayland i'm here with molina deterred day of j psalm and michelle's honor of japanese breakfast they're playing guess dj here on valentine's day my two favorite qatar players in the us i molina to twice a month and actually um meg from hand habits is such a shudder she us a plays in kevin moreby's bad and share home yes yes she is amazing amazing tarpley are so i'm actually toying with like my favorite qatar players in the us but while i was in korea i realized that my to favour guitar players in the world are two young korean women one plays an of ankle parasol and 1 plays in a band called sesaon young and she's kind of like she is sick this really funky qatar player that's like nineteen years old and just totally blew my mind uh there's some really amazing music i i had no idea about over there i don't know who um who picked watt here so i'm just going to play the song it's one of my very favorite love songs so i just want to thank whoever pick this and here comes.

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