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They'll break down the project into milestones. It's using a more practical way guys. Yeah yeah or definitely with children. They talk about hitting certain miles. What what this age would be appropriate for your child. You know what what this age. So that's another way that it's used so another thing you could say is this is more personal but also it could be used like for example talking about nine eleven so you could say a moment or a day or a year or something. I'll never forget. Yes that is good or you could say this day will go down in the history books we knew you know in the beginning of all these moments other moments. I mean when kennedy was shot. Right if you watch the one on jackie o right. Jackie kennedy that's covered in their so young. Yeah i didn't realize how young she was like thirty one when she was in the white house. I i know. I think kennedy was ten years older than her or something. But you have very young. So when kennedy was shot a big moment so many big moments that that have gone down in the history books. Yeah yeah. I sure or something hit stream making or making history. You could switch it around or a history of making moment you could say or i like the word momentous momentous owe. Oh yes what does momentum. So i'm looking the dictionary right now. It says of a decision and event or a change of great importance or significance in its bearing on the future right. So certain words point to how we're going to look at it in the future right yeah yeah for sure. Yeah so these. Are you know maybe not as eloquent as the airbag expression but you could definitely use a practical way and if we think of others we will let you know but you know use these when you're talking about history whether it's your personal history or or a whole country's history or the world history. I mean lindy. Do you have any we talked about. You know history and general history but do you have any moments in your life that you feel like you'll never forget. Oh my gosh. So many personal life moments or public the terms of history or american. I guess both. I guess you know because it's funny because the world history becomes your personal history. Whatever you relation to it was. Yeah for sure for sure. Well i think i come back to honestly like the big events right i mean maybe i can't remember y two k kind of yeah i remember being. It was nineteen ninety. Nine of course and i was a senior in high school. We were at a house party typical and it was just. It was like twenty of us at a house party and we're not sure what was going to happen when the clock struck midnight. That's kind of a fun one..

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