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Breakdown that you're that you're teasing okay so there's there's two interesting elements with mexican team one is is supposed to be the the generation that is in their prime right now is supposed to be mexico's golden generation that haven't proven it on the field so this for them is the legacy not a shot at the legacy this will be their legacy and it's such a fine line guys if they go reenact out they confirmed that they were all hype and no substance if they win if they get the group phase and make the round of sixteen and move which is very very likely they will confirm that just like every other mexican team not ninety four that good enough to get past the group but not good enough to do anything else so in that way they're generation still becomes a failure if they get to the fifth game guys and keith park theo van mexico the finals for the first time ever off of mexican soil they will literally build monuments to these guys in mexico so everything hinges on maybe that last game against sweden or the second game against south korea their legacies legacy during the balance but you was a real drummer with the mexican team here it is there in a scandal right now they just before they left the mexico had a big party and they were photographs some of the mary players with women leading a big mansion in a very posh area of mexico city and it has been all anybody's talking at apparently there's a big division within the team one of the stars of the team had to take a day off what they call personal reasons everybody thinks that has to go explain to his wife why he was at this party and what he was doing in fact i in mexico they made a facebook petition so that ex wife would forgive him and let him focus on the world cup fifty thousand mexican signed up they all going march in mexico city to try and make a plea that us white that's the drama surrounding mexican theme i'm telling you it's going to famine with this this morning roasted espn radio clinton yates me to come dominic foxworth.

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