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It's unbelievable zero retired numbers for both of those teams the bengals have won all know don't start and just go we care bengals have one might hope boomer bob johnson number fifty four in your program number one in your heart what bob johnson linebacker by the way fifty four sounds like it like a linebacker honestly i know i might be belying my knowledge at all well god bless the bob johnson family how how many how many you think the steelers would have retired i guess you'd think fifty but i must say ten because you say in the chiefs have thirteen it's high to ernie stautner and joe greene that's it green i get you agreeing we've got one of them at one but but i mean for the learners either super bowls you'd think santa river the history of his cincinnati bengal all one hundred hundred you wanna take a stab at the kansas city chiefs there's ten of them there's some of my unheard of to be honest with len dawson has got to be one that's correct buck buchanan that is correct now is he seventy five eight hundred sixty six right there willie lanier that's correct number sixty three yes all right i had a poster of willie lanier when i was in grade school i mean willie linear it's a man i loved it they'd have you know alignments poster number sixty three and yell program okay i'll give you some hints of the numbers okay number seventy eight oh nope bobby bell all of course i'd met bobby the lesser more contemporary number fifty eight oh sack michigan becker yet then there's number thirty six mack lee hill wow number thirty three stone johnson great name lot of johnson's number twenty sort of sort of like blazing saddles yeah number twenty eight abner haynes number eighteen amit thomas thomas an elmo right that was the area okay go ahead and and the number sixteen len dawson and then number three pro football hall of famer youngster route correct okay there wide right longest wide right against the miami dolphins christmas day by the way in my grandmother's house i'm ten years old we don't we could work it out if you want colquitt colquitt we'll be their whole deuce number two maybe we'll retire that one by the way that's a that's an unfortunate nickname deuce number two a little deuce coupe.

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