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Jeff Schwartz hook Morrison ESPN radio. Zach Lowe from the low post podcast. Hi, this is Ryan McGee from Mardian Mckee. Ian, Ben Simmons from Freddie and Fitz all of us here. DSP and radio would like to wish you a happy holiday season Christmas in a very safe new year and a happy. Individuals and businesses with tax problems, listen carefully. Do you feel like you're losing control of your finances? If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes or have unfiled tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can seize your Bank accounts, garnish your paycheck, close your business and file criminal charges. Take control of your tax problem now by calling the experts at US Tax Shield and take advantage of the fresh start program and new laws that may allow us to negotiate a settlement for the lowest amount possible. Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents can stop collections and get you protected so you can take control of your financial future. US Tax Shield offers a price protection guaranteed quote to get you protected today. US Tax Shield is eight plus rated with the Better Business Bureau. So call now, eight hundred six eight seven fifty one ninety two that's eight hundred six eight seven fifty one ninety two US Tax Shield, eight hundred six eight seven fifty one. Ninety two. Grow up. I wanna be a new pair of blue jeans. When I grow up, I wanna be a kid's first, computer. I wanna be a bike that races around the country. I wanna be bench on a forest trail. When I grow up. I don't wanna be a piece of garbage. And if you recycle me, I won't be give your garbage another life. Recycle. Learn how at I want to be recycled dot org brought to you by keep America beautiful and the Ad Council. Unexpected reactions to smart financial decisions brought to you by feed the pig dot org. Well, I finally did it. My student loan is totally paid off. I can't believe it. I can't believe it either. I paid more than the minimum each month and soon enough it was gone. So you're just giving up giving up on what the life of luxury. Egyptian cotton, caviar Thursdays, designer everything. What are you talking about our plan? What happened to winning the lottery and mastering the art of the perfect mimosa? Hosting galas wearing enough jewelry to require a bodyguard. Vacationing in the French Riviera and then buying it. I just thought maybe it was time to prepare for my future. You know, set some financial goals. Make some smart investments. Open a 4._0._1._K goals. Investments? You are horrifying right now. Listen, if winning the lottery were easy, everyone would do it. When it comes to financial stability don't get left behind. Get tools and tips for saving at feed the pig dot org. This message brought to you by the American Institute of CPA's and the Ad Council. Sweetie. Wants them through you have to use the right tool for the job. A power drill is the wrong toll to slice fruit. Just like an antibiotic is the wrong tool to treat, viruses, including colds and flu antibiotics are only needed for certain bacterial infection when they aren't needed antibiotics won't help you and the side effects could still hurt you ask your healthcare professional.

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