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Time for. So I told you the cable guy came by. Yes. The show. Yeah. One of the moments he he came into the house and he's fixing the. Will you tell the story really quick 'cause he just said, he just said at one point. Hayes at radio. I have a little antique radio. It's on the radio work said that one doesn't but I have others that do and it goes. So this is where you live, what listen every day, kind of creeped me out a little bit. There's a really nice guy, but he comes walking back in at one point. And he goes, hey, how about this? No funny. That's great. And it was out of context, I have no idea. I and anyway. All right. I love that name. Tau down four thirty two. This is all about, what could be a very long trade war with China. That's what spending the news this week. So we knew that this was going to surface on Wall Street, I was surprised that we didn't see a longer downturn. In the, you know, with the last two weeks, we've talked about the Dow being down six hundred one day up three hundred down four hundred the next I thought there would be a longer string of negative days on the Dow, but it seems like once we hit a certain percentage on a down day two percent three percent whatever it turns around, what away people try to, to grab up some of these lower costs stocks that have lost some lost some ground. But I'm, I'm amazed that we go. These days, you know, we've gone five or six days without a significant movement. One way or the other and he received down four hundred points, four hundred and thirty three points right now. They're calling it a violent tornado that has hit the people were killed in Missouri overnight. There. Still surveying the damage and searching homes. The three victims lived on the outskirts of golden city, which is if you're aware of Missouri, geography, about one hundred seventy miles southwest of Jefferson City, but even in Jefferson City, they said they're going door to door because they're, they're trying to make sure just the images some of the drone images that I've seen are pretty spectacular. And when you think about the debris that flies around and tornado like this, there was somebody that took video alongside the front of a house, the, the front facade of the house, and it looks like someone had picked up gravel, almost or little tiny pebbles and thrown them at the house, and they stuck just the amount of debris that gets stuck into the wood on the front of the house is pretty much at least seven people were killed in three states over the past two days. Four people died Tuesday, including one woman after a tornado hit her home in Iowa to others in a car accident in Springfield. Missouri and one woman, drove around a barricade. Never do that. And drowned in Oklahoma, the, the fallout continues from that crazy RV chase from the other night, one of the KABC set down channel seven sat down with one of the guys who was hit by that RV. He said he saw this driver speeding toward him, and he pulled over to get out of her path, and then watched helplessly as she veered and continued to drive straight towards him. And he said time slowed down. He could only brace for the hit, she smashed into six cars, tore off the side of the RV and reference to get away from the siege. Be this is one where the dogs ended up jumping out of the what was left of the windshield. A said, hey immediately called his wife, MRs I'm fine. I just wanted to let you know I almost got killed by this crazy RV that looks like an airplane, flew into it. I don't know what the deal is. But something's not right. He said in the understatement of the year. Got a new job for you. If this radio thing doesn't work out. Disneyland is look. For stormtroopers. It's like your way of making good for being an RA for so long turn the corner, go to the dark. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah. Like it was a bad thing. Yes. Oh, they have additions. So you were the one behind the door calling me an effing Newark tomorrow morning. I know. Well, my voice gets lower when I get into the natty ice. Will be held to Morrow for performers interested in playing the role of stormtroopers and the new Star Wars land. That's fun. That's pretty cool. You have to demonstrate high energy levels. They're very sleighs, if it could be for you. How tall are you? Blake five eleven really writing on five ten to six lender to athlete. Build you might be a little fi. Can you do improv improv of helmet on, so it doesn't have to be a comedic sense? It's just physical, exactly will you show us some of your physical improv right now. And we'll be the judge of that on the radio. Oh, wow. You'll think adjuster stormtroopers don't do that. Do they, they just do this, and you do the floss and you flaws? Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Hey, in a stormtrooper uniform. That would be great that would totally pass. Yeah. They all saw the new, Terminator trailer drops. Did you see the new Terminator? This is like just saw or whatever just saw. Yes, you guys have a cooler. Cooler light maybe Budweiser's. I can't wait to go see the San Francisco giant play. Yes. Saw this Terminator dark. Fate is the latest one to be to be produced. It's got a couple of newcomers MacKenzie Davis. Rao's they're being pursued by new Terminator played by Gabriel Luna and they go to Sarah cod. Linda Hamilton has come back for the first she returns Sarah, Connor. But at one point I don't know what's going on. At one point, they knock on the door out in the cabin. And guess who answers the door? Arnold schwarzenegger. Yes. So I don't know exactly how they're so I never watched a Terminator movie. Not one not one watch. If I say. So I'm not gonna watch any of them. Okay. Well, the never. Yeah. I just want didn't want you to go through all the mental hoops to figure out which one. Watch this watch the first two years. Yeah. And then stop there. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That's probably Jim Cameron ones. Yeah. And he's back. This is one of his things. All right. Coming up next. We've got Gerry's review of a live studio audience performance of all in the family and the jeffersons. I meant to watch this and I completely forgot I recorded. Oh, did you. Yeah. Great. I'll be over this afternoon. What time? Gary and Shannon. We'll get to plus your chance at one thousand dollars affiliate can pick it up. Now. This priceless. Well, I don't really have anything to eat. Because I come over and eat all your food. Okay. To do. Do you still have this bugles? No, you're the only person that anyone in my house has ever purchased bugles four. And that was in January February February. Chris little has the new. Thank you. State lawmakers are trying to this show he's just sitting over. Oh, I'm sorry. My mic is still on. I don't hate it. I hate. Bugles. What do you put in them? Put them in your mouth. You can stick stuff in them, because her shape like bugles. What do you put it? Very small opening. It's just for crunch facts..

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