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There have been too many on this start to start off this game of bone block bench. Divas addition, we have Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, lady Gaga. I'm going to a Bo God, am I if I say, this is gonna sound so homophobic. Not liking lady Gaga make me a homophobe. Yes. Yes. I'm going to God. Okay. So I guess I would have to bone Christine Aguilera. I you know, and for the long con I would bench Britney Spears. And I would I'm sorry. I'd have to block lady Gaga. Oh, we're playing that number. So here's the thing. I also have to bone Christina Aguilera. But I am kind of surprisingly lady Gaga, STAN. Like, I love her music. But her as a person just fills me with so much joy. She said so many things that have inspired me in years past. I just like I got to stand for and I'm sorry. I'm gonna block Britney Spears. Like, I didn't grow up on Britney Spears. She didn't raise me like, I'm just not. I'm not here. This is a man I'm very unpopular. Yeah. I'm definitely going to bone Britney Spears because I feel like she's a lazy bottom, and I'm lazy bottom, and that's fine. But too lazy bottoms never mind. I don't know on released her. What do to make if not just? This netflix. And that's what I was gonna hang just lying. Find from you right now also have no libido. No. I'm gonna. Yeah. Yeah. That's it. And then I'm gonna blah Gog is well because I'm not the biggest fan of her and I'm going to play the long game with Christina. Because she's actually my Fave of her speech was very good. Al was a very good album. And you know, what time people we sleeping on load? But that also was a pretty good album by onic. There are some jams on by onic. I don't know why. No one listens to her anymore. She's still really awesome. Anyway. So how about Cardi B, Nikki, Manashe Zalio banks? I want to block so many people. Go. Joe, I you know, boning crazy can be really really really really really fun. So I think I'm gonna bone as alia. No. That's all right. Book. Crazy good top down kit out of me. I would look Nikki because oh, Nikki baby. Are you benching Cardi because Cardi long game long is like Cardi Wifa ball ran answer. I'm going to the same answer. Oh, dennis. Okay. I'm definitely like I have to block as the Elliott. I'm a little scared of her. That ride if you wanna sleep with able you're. Afraid of a little afraid of not a lot of. And I'm going to also play the long game with Cardi and I'm going to bench. Sorry, I'm going to. Already can. So this is Steve I'm gonna I'm gonna bone Nikki because all makes you really raps about is fucking. And I'm just got to be very very good at it. I'm I would believe her. I'm worried that if Nikki if I fucked Nikki, I would like some sort of like reprecussions element would propel me out of the room that would just be fully like just injured out of the universe. You become dark matter. Her ass. And I say that with love I'm I'm down for that ride. I'm also going to I'm going to bench Cardi because she's just going to be around for a bit in. I'd have to block belly. I guess. Okay. Fair fair, fair one more tough one, actually, these are all tough. But Mariah Carey beyond say, oh my God. Riana? Oh my God. Oh my God. Totally. I am totally smashed him around. Because like, yeah. One hundred percent, I'm venturing beyond say because like she's just gonna that's forever. I'm that's that is. And. Well, radically get the fuck out. Mariah. Sorry. I feel bad. I wouldn't wanna walk Mariah. But link choices have to be made, Honey. The Queen demand sacrifices than. So Disney villains edition Ursula the sea witch malefic sent relative ill. I'm definitely see mean or slow go way back. So. Yes. And we still voices we brakemen we do. Barters bartering each other soul. Just love singing about porn fortunate souls. That's good for me on. I would have to block. Cruella DeVille, and Melissa, you know, I guess we can get down get down. Yeah. Oh, I'm blocking malefic than my hands down. I'm boning Ursula. And I'm benching crew Ella. I want forever access to that closet and trust me too..

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