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He has to educate Tyrian as to why sauna is the key to the north, which annoys him. Everything annoys him though, and why the plot by them as such a problem Tyrol's to solve it. Thailand tells Tyrian that he'll marry Sanga and get her pregnant to secure the north. And sir, Syed drinks up here in shock and dismay. So so good until Taiwan. Also springs a surprise on her. She's gonna marry Laura's to secure the reach, which she very much does not like, yeah, I mean, because she's already married off the one man who's going to like ignore her and mistreat her. And now she's getting married to man, not gonna even ever be interested in her. Yeah, and what an insult and shock, but. Any sympathy. I feel for her as been robbed by the delight that she hasn't tormenting Tyrian and given this and also the starker, oh, by by by comparison. Because like what a Tyrian seized the hellish faith to be married to your arch enemy in the family that killed your killed your father. And to me like like Santa dreams of marrying some night. And she thinks he's gonna marry sir, Laura's. And now she's getting married to the freak of the Lancaster court lake. That's your, like you said, that's cruel even for you, which is sad the here Tyrian but also very true. Well, look on the bright side now the Lancaster children have something to bond over. Yeah, they're all being married off to people. They kind of hate and loathing for their father. But yeah, that like when she tries to like Blee pre police a, you know, she first tries like the proud like I will not be married off like some broodmare and Taiwan's like. And then when she tries to plead as a daughter to the father, and he disliked slaps the table and says, all my children have been a disgrace for my name and that you're gonna put an end to these disgusting rumors like is there any any one of his children Taiwan loves? It seems like they're just all fall short of his market perfection that he himself said. Like Jamie, you know, foolishly, went off and joined the king's guard that like, you know, complicated the family legacy, and now sir, sees doing this and Taiwan's or Tyrians always been a disappointment. It's it's sad, it's really sad. Yeah. And this is Taiwan's effort to retake the rains here and I think it works. I think both of these children account, I don't. More? Yeah. I don't see them having a way to really fight Taiwian because like tearing could go the only thing the only way to Tyrian kid appeal this or either them go to Joffrey and Joffrey with thinks it's super funny to do this. The sands of anterior in in like he's kind of got this antipathy towards his mother to right. Like I think he's cruel enough to to recognize the irony of that and also maybe creepy way he'd rather be with his mom. His mom be with someone that's not going to make the moves on her as a woman that saves his perverted teenage brain from out to think about it. Sure. So there's like no record. You've got the most since the most powerful men except for the crazy teenage boy who's not going to help either. No, that's all bad for Tyrian thirsty, which not happy to see that happen to Tyrian search. Maybe maybe I think certainly gets what she deserves most of the time. Yeah, but that's the end of the episode. And they get there's another. She's opposed to child of another. Like I understand is coming from. I don't condone it. You know, because like she's got multiple reasons for being the shit human being. She is. She steadfastly refuses rise above it and that's where before we get the feedback. Hey, have you heard the bald new has a club? It's super cool. It's super swanky and exclusive. Go to club.

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