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Morning. I'm Beth Fisher for WWE J, NewsRadio nine fifty at six thirty one CBS news update. A reprieve from Mexico, which won't get slapped with tariffs by President Trump over illegal migration, the US reached an agreement with that nation. Yesterday, CBS co Killian spoke with Mexico's foreign minister about the deal he was asked Pacific, if he felt that Mexico got the short end of the stick, and he said that he didn't, you know, he said that he feels that he was able to talk the Americans out of more extreme positions, especially including third save country and also to get more funding for programs dealing with some of these countries where these migrants are. Coming from the State Department release the agreement late yesterday saying the US will immediately expand implementation of a program returning, those seeking asylum to Mexico while their claims are examined, Mexico at says, we'll offer jobs, healthcare, and education to the migrants while they wait for a decision on their cases. CBS news update. I'm Alison keys. W w j news time is six thirty two. Detroit police out in force searching for searching for more victims of a suspected serial killer, rapist, three women have been found dead in vacant homes. Police have taken a purse of person of interest into custody thirty four year old DeAngelis Martin mayor, Mike Duggan says he's looking for approval on a two hundred million dollar bond issue to raise money to tear down those vacant homes. We can sell those bonds because of the cities and proof and Angela situation without raising taxes on anyone and between that funding and the other findings set aside we. Can get every abandoned house in the city down in the next five years community members have beefed up patrols in response to those killings. No bail for a Detroit man accused of shooting, and killing three people allegedly because they were part of the LGBTQ community. Prosecutors say Devin Robinson took the lives of two gay men and transgender woman at a home on Devonshire road on the east side this past Memorial Day. The eighteen year old pleaded not guilty. He faces a long list of charges, including three counts of first degree murder. Backlash over raising the rainbow pride flag over the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin. The reaction came rolling in almost as soon as the flag went up to I think that infrastructure needed to happen, that he's helping us ally. People enjoying the first day of pride fest in Milwaukee supported what they called, the governor's example of positivity. There were other politicians who jumped on the mood, Scott Allen, a Republican state rep from Waukesha questioned whether putting up a pride flag is any more appropriate than flying Christian one. He said it advocates behavior or lifestyle that some residents may not condone, therefore it is divisive. That's WD. J. T TV reporter, David Schuman as Boston celebrates pride today, a Hollywood star is trying to distance himself from a group that says it represents straight people CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez explains. Not done killings. Not done. Brad Pitt says leave him out. Fury. Actor says he wants nothing to do with super happy fun, America. That's the group that wants to hold a counter protest..

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