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Would a record a world record in the four hundred meter hurdles asked. That question was who would said it. Sydney mclaughlin just feeding out the leila mohammed to get gold in the two hundred meters the explosion from noah lyles but it came a little too early and andrea the grass of canada. Bolting to the line. And finally golden kennedy been eric. Awesome run for silver kevin. You live for. I know you love to track how to deliver. It was fantastic. I this is. This is what the olympics is all about when it comes to track and field. You're seeing world records and more world records. I mean you saw two women break the world record for gold and silver and all of a sudden. Let me not talk about the the men's two hundred but let me just talk about the four hundred hurdles. Which is all of a sudden become v showcase event because just previous to this. You saw two men come come in under the world record so this has been it's been absolutely astounding to watch in the track in track and field and of course two hundred meters. It was fun. And i'm looking for another world record in the one ten for the men. Emily kaplan no swimmer lily. King says that we don't celebrate silver's bronzes and i couldn't help but think that watching delillo muhammad because think of all this woman has gone through since breaking the world record hamstring interview and injuries. She had cove it in february then. She watches all the intention for another runner who is ten years younger and she's still runs the best raise of her life. That is a woman who should be celebrated at olympic icon. She certainly is and that robbery again. The head to head is the best match up. In all of sports between mclaughlin and mohammed. Unicom's had land for you. Yeah i think the said iron sharpens our iron right. They are pushing each other to be better. It's so cool to watch and it was really cool personally to watch cine mclaughlin because covering the olympics in two thousand sixteen in rio i remember there. She was the story. She was the seventeen year old prodigy. She was supposed to come out and win and then she didn't even make it to the finals so now to see her at the ripe old age of twenty one fulfill that promise. It's just a really amazing story. It's what the olympics are all about. Yeah last night was felt like john. Mclaughlin introducing herself to an american stage in crowning herself. As one of the biggest olympic stars in this country right now is truly one of the most exciting olympic events. I think the last couple years watching her slowly. Come and take over that first place it.

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