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Roads it sounds like from what we've seen and read that he was a really hard core alcoholic well yes to battles of scotch a day yeah that's that's big sharon s so the media of course they believe he said on this murder plot and we know that police believe that two were year than and another strange move kevin issues a statement denying involvement and michelle's involvement and he also wrote you don't know what you've got to it's gone it's a joni mitchell song isn't it yeah well as that joni mitchell yes johnny isn't it anyway it's it a song but i wonder what he meant by that you think he's talking about caroline or michelle i think he's talking about machhour kids torkan wrote michelle retail cruces figuring his going to skate this get away with it i don't know about that and she's going down while he knows he's going to be separated from her that's for sure yes so now here now are by for the time of remerger well asked so they know he wasn't the one that physically did edward so they looked really investigators looked through all the phone records in may so numerous calls and turks between michelle and kevin on the day the murder lots and lots lots and lots kevin had arranged to pick up the boy's right after michelle left his office bread after caroline's kildee got the three second phone call from a pay phone so kevin was arrested at home and his poor sons had to witness.

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