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The end is enriching out to. What's his name? Nobu reinvigorate the home. The doctor again. It's your magic the DC universe it would activate one member that apple glory. Yeah I've tried to bring the original or give it to Anna. That's nice giving back to the guy they make you love him and I and I know little has not been listening to me. But you really need pick-up the bat the Batmans grave issue for Great Brian Trade. Philip is the kids do these days. I know but it's twelve issues. It's only on this before but he has worn. LS Bryan Hitch on art and Batman. Actually acting like the active and using his brain all the there is fighting writing an action. Also why is it called Batman's break. They really thought out why no unlike some previous issues. It was him like trying to get into the mind like murder victims and stuff like that keep listening is like Okay Batman get into the mind of a dead person and just let and like not have it. I don't know like break him or idle. It's nightfall him. Yeah I I'm not really into the whole career angle but I mean like I said it ever the accident. What pitch to conceit they let against without having to tell stories making Nick Knight as easy story within the conceit like when someone came with the idea like what if a government can absorb personalities and they did a really dark acquistions story of basic living the intellect of all the doctors in the insane asylum gave captain? And.

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