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Babbel dot com to try for free that's BAB EL dot com. Babbel dot com. It's 8 38. Traffic and weather on the 8th back to Ralph Fox and the traffic center. And we got some minor delays, some minor issues in the district. Stanton road southeast, both ways it's Sheridan road of reported crash. They are also a caller tells us there was an incident on the 14th street bridge that just after you come off to George Washington Parkway come off that ramp however, the moment we took our camera over to that side, the two cars apparently they agreed, you know what? Not that bad. They both drove away. So the 14th street bridge in the earlier concerns have resolved themselves and reported problems getting into the district or making your way across the southeast Southwest freeway. The majors, again, they're all in good shape out in seat pleasant central avenue westbound at Garrett Morgan boulevard has the left side blocked due to a crash there. And down in Centreville and earlier crash has been clear, the Senate bill road after new Braddock road, Arlington, north George Mason drive northbound at north Henderson, had the right lane block due to police activity, had the left turn lane blocked as well between Carlin springs road and U.S. 50 Arlington boulevard that southbound, taking a look at 66, everything is moving at speed, 95 on the southbound side in Virginia. You can see some minor delays lord and as you make your way across the alca quane outside that you're in pretty good shape as you make your way down towards Fredericksburg on the northbound side, no reported delays there as well. Taking a look around the third street tunnel traffic appears to be moving at volume two 95 in the district. Things moving well there also 50. As you make your way from the capital beltway out to the bay bridge, no reported problems, things moving well in both directions. Ralph Fox WTO traffic Storm team four is key prince of alley with the ever changing forecast. A nice warmup in the forecast after a chilly and wintry start to the weekend, heading through the evening into tonight, a mostly

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