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The new them like. Nah Not Somebody Joe you sometimes you get somebody like this can't be true so I jump. Quality of scarring. And I don't see it coming off the news anywhere so I'd say there's no way is true and then all of a sudden it starts to flow in and then you realize yeah this is true and you know they say forty one years doesn't seem like a long time but you live a life is accomplished is Kobe Bryant and oh you live life as fulfilling as Kobe Bryant forty one years is an eternity you know he got the nickname black Mamba and a lot of people know what of Light Mambi is a very venomous snake. But the what he does what makes them so dangerous is that he'll attack without provocation. Kobe Bryant didn't need you to be interviewing the court to the draw fifty on your hair. Cut His mentor. And the guy that he admired more than anybody. He hung fifty five. Michael Jordan's they take that into retirement. That's the mentality that he possessed possessed every time he took the court skip. I had an opportunity to to meet him at the icon award and that was totally to him Kobe. You seem so at least I mean years ago. This was about two years ago skill to use baby baby where we use like shop. I'm at peace. He said because I left nothing on the court I did everything possibly could to become the best player that I possibly could the way I trained the way I ate the way I practice the way I play. He said now I just have a different focus. He says I'm at that same way the same folk because in the same mindset that I will do the NBA until the court and not having all the creative side is about developing stories about tailings storage Skip I just text called me. Let me pull it upscale a month ago as I said this is December twenty eighty six at five forty seven. PM I said if I don't get those sides thirteen game it's going to be on. Emojis may belated Christmas to you. And your family. He hit me back. What gamers takes a picture of the Kobe? By foto the chaos playstation. You GotTa have a special code to get them. He likes Ll as they congrats on the new edition a little King Mama Junior keep saluting u hauls. Where would you in Japan? He's like thanks for him. My princess my princesses are tough. Enough Emoji jaw muscle love uniform. Really Ans- skill I. It doesn't even seem real deal with my grandmother saying she saw. There's one appointment that you'll never be able to cancel. Kobe had an appointment and people that well. Why didn't colby what we drive comb? He flew to practice every day. He flew tables centers every home game. All helicopter fell a company. That would droll. Hello I'm not sure there is a person in this country who is helicoptered. More than Colby has over the last twenty years. Maybe a pilot. Maybe I need to go to work to go to think about this. This is how he went to practice this how he went to work via helicopter. Just as timing so sad I made it. My heart breaks because like I said to watch him grow up to see what he became where he chained from and to see. Like I said we sh- you're not supposed to more. You're not feel sad. You're supposed to be happy that he's in a better place and we say we never supposed to question the man above because he knows holds all he sits highly looks but man today and I think now skill whatever little penny gripes you might have with the individual family member friend I think after what transpired yesterday. I think it's time to sit all that you decide and say you know what I got this little petty great. But what if that person were to leave without saying. I'm sorry or we're better than that. Kobe Bryant we miss you. We miss you G G. We missed the other seven members that also perished in that crash. Sad sad day. I know you remember when Roberto Clemente Peres delivering aid. Our our remember when Dale earnhardt crashed during his skip the reach now or what the NBA hail. Hey how you Cristiano Renaldo you see the guy that he touched unparallel his legacy as big his legacy now is bigger than basketball is about the people. It's about the lab that he took why he played the game that he loves so much of basketball. So to all your points all great ones all deep ones. When I woke up here in Miami yesterday first thing I did was call my wife Ernestine in Los Angeles first thing she said to me? It's so foggy I can't see across the street. I didn't think anything about it. I later read that the La Police East department grounded all of its helicopters all morning yesterday in the Los Angeles area because it was just too foggy to fly so a couple of hours passed here yesterday and I posted a picture on social media of a car that my little Wayne is GonNa let me use this week and I was proud of that picture in about one minute past and my phone rang is I walked back through the lobby of our hotel and it was ernest team and I thought Oh. She saw the picture maybe she liked it and she was crying like I'd never heard her cry in the fifteen fifteen years we've been together. She couldn't even spit out what she was crying about. And I was horrified because I thought something had happened to her or somebody at the home turn and she finally managed to get out coby died. I said no no. That's not possible. And the details. Were sketchy he and I spent the next ten minutes trying to talk her off the ledge. Because I've said they got this wrong it just can't now coby did not die and then once wants the gravity of it struck me. I spent the next half hour in denial to your point. Because there's no Koby could die right. He was too big to die he he was too great to die. If you'd give me a list of ten thousand people yesterday morning and said one of these people is GonNa die today. I might have put Kobe Bean Bryant at the bottom of my list he was just too big and yet I spent the rest of the day as maybe a lot of I did have come to grips with my own mortality. Because he can go any of us can go. Yes yes it. Hit me right between the eyes once again again. To your point how fragile life is how fleeting it can be. It is here here today and gone tomorrow and the ultimate cliche is. We're not promised tomorrow and the other ultimate Cliche is you've got live with and love every single moment. That's the ultimate truth of life and if there's any silver lining to this it made us all I'll stop and say man am. Am I doing this right in yet to your point again. What what? Kidney hardest was that the Kobe was becoming greater in a second career did he was in his first career and to me he is becoming so big. Kiki had taken like movie star status. Yes he was a leading man he had mellow to the point that he had become a global icon like an evangelist for basketball ball where he would preach and teach all over the world and he let go of all the anger that drove him as a player to where he's a beautiful person to watch and I always trusted him to react. Is the ambassador of the game sort of the conscience of basketball and I waited for his tweet need to put it all in perspective so to me. Losing Kobe. At forty one was like losing Michael Jackson at fifty prince at fifty seven or even if I can go back a little blast from the past l.. WHO's at forty two or but there was one huge difference here? There was an element of self self destruction and all the downfalls of Michael Jackson Prince and Elvis some element of self destruction and in this case this was straight unthinkable tragedy. All right he just straight tragedy entity tragedy depending on how you view it spiritually as you said you've got to try to make peace with it in whatever your life review is up to but I can't even fathom or imagine the pain. His wife is suffering to lose a husband and a daughter water like to boom. Nobody's because nobody thinks when you leave the house. She because he had kids colby so many times ATMs and elliptical to practice as he left to go to work. I'm sure G. G.. They've taken this helicopter to gains into practice so many times before never in a million years does she think this was going to be the last time that she holds been kissed. Oh don't you know that just goes to show on skill. Is that this pettiness that we believe that we have the little silliness you do get on my nerves occasion.

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