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Seventy four sixty eight is a storm rebounding the ball, plus. Eight. The rebound. Support ROY played well in the second half, I'm going to give you ramp. Some credits were kind of hanging in here. Must have made several runs at them really kind of pushed him away in the ramp to keep hanging around. This awards zipper fell in up to a right? Colorado's house score. The Rams forty five thirty six year the second half. Plus, we're with this'll fellow. Rams this season have been four leading at the half. The store trending away from. Kili right it assist away from the points. Assists. Double double vista. Which second tosses. Rebounds one assist. Hi, Chris Lewis, right clauses. Over kills the APAC were handed off the galley. Two hands on the left style detailing branch left dry Talbot pass to see recap off to the right side. Stakes drive down to the baseline shot clock is upset with a fake. He turns and drives in the face of Chris Martin. Still they'll said Lucas super to the free throw up to our left now shoot one. Plus the bonus. Siewert so far the contest has got sixty second half, sixteen points has not been. Betty sits down town of bays back in for the buffalo. And that follows credit by his shooting reputation now because people are running at him to run him off that line three through this by Lucas, there's a fraud. Seventy four sixty dollars. Top three minutes to play page. Dr double left side. Cable to the top. Portland cold at the official British gave the offensive foul side. That's not what he was meeting. Got the foul that is his number seven. So pages at the foul brought to complete the three four. Three point game which fires the fell shop and as a two day. Batteries. Seventy four silly to what exactly for that. The combination of Martin and page of really played welcome here in the second. Killers. Two or three bullets. We thought this thing was going to break open the buffalo. What about ten or twelve to the Rams of? The right side hand off the galley towards a quarter through the floater. The short seaward saves it in according to Brown truck clock is at Tanta goes up. Got a piece of it. It's kept alive and pages. Run out. The Whiteside butter for three fires. Downtown ramps. Oh. Five seventy four and a Tabac goal by tad. Twenty three to play. Jacked up. And that's another hit free hit there the corner that was well defended we had a shooter. Shot blocker almost daily eyebrows. Yeah. And he hit the under pressure. Got up in his face water. Still water is the second half fourteen. The thing is that we know you'd expect less buffet with something about this team. Yup. The Rams till out of the fossil fodder page who's been outstanding Martin and fissile would Judy pages guy with a few years is just painted a bus side and kind of a long six three guard left handed, which is a little different the defending Gatling, right patties Siewert and Brown right out of the bus, Gillian Welch tacky, full-court left. There was a sealed Talos has God is back up south to Patty drive till the paint thrown out the window. Foul. All two hundred sixty five pounds just cleared out on our show and with the white hand the soft hands and a potential three point play. Evan only goes, right? But he still somehow gets there must be the book on him. Third foul on carpaccio. The buffs regain the lead by one. Bradley has got six points trying to make it seven three through I left white tossed by Betty. Substitution here. Back here in town. Saudi Saudi Saudi. To ball fans JD page. Of course, it comes up a high pick picked up by Ciba triple. He's killed his place for the pistol would download the carpaccio Kelly. Spins hook shot with the right hand, shuffled go. And that's his fourth simply right giving up about seventy thousand ten inches draws the foul on a turnover. Other rounds? That's a move Lucas has made several times today little elbow is. He makes the post move got the call. What? Is gold against carpaccio that got size inside it probably give that one out of six hundred eighty pound point girly. Probably call the council. Five bucks forty eight to play. Jetliner the buffaloes attacking forecourt love gets about to McKinley white takes a backdoor cut to Kelly. Hi in the Whiteside. Look at pursuer tallow drives a baseline shot whole valley. Pentagon the rebound. A pet fake goes up strong. Who's got the Liebau? That was great job board. Maybe he could have brought that back out. Ballgame. One twenty two. Topic? He's been here. The secondhand told a work of a switch box. Who's got they set the Martin a downstream pass inside the car. Chases bayside spins around seaward at a defensive foul is called. That was more office a follow the previews. It was Brown. The personal there on the buffalo said that'll send Bucknell. The Palo Alto right now. In the last couple possessions, the pulse have changed how they're playing that. High screen wool mart. They start his switch. It was mismatch quotes possessions. Daily on me have battled the big man down. Foul shots in a row. That's gonna come. By two carpaccio, the fell lied. The bus. Kilian for WikiLeaks with one to play. What has helped by to pick up a quarter Brown for three? Fires and misses. We sat here come the Rams up court JD page upside takes over he's open for three. He fires and misses out Kaplan. Loyd. Paul by itself for the buffs. Kind of a broken play heart. Mark. Do you have to use the whole back there? No defensive back for. He was late getting back with the other direction. So quick he got caught on to the basket. And so by the time the water had Claire. The left-wing Zoli to mid court. What he saw the rebound. Peak. Cherry pick in the other direction, dammit killing with a great fishing for the Tomahawk pulse. With forty point nine seconds half. Got a four point advantage seventy nine to seventy five this happened to be I think. I think tenth assists, therefore peculiar that law passed down for that would have been so McKinley right with seventeen points. He's got ten assist to the ball game. After McKinley has the fourth double w sad with his fifth. Double double overall. V. Four-time rather and his career. He's had. Double figures and assist with pitfalls time in Colorado history. Just a free runs away from a triple double. There's only been a handful of those in total history of Colorado basketball, forty point nine seconds, seventy nine seventy five buffs on top by four. Vice win for the buffalo. Improved the five and one with South Dakota the coyotes Tuesday night. Are you made the call Bonner was opener? They'd know what picks him up and he had a good look. Yes. He did. Nobody saw able to break go the other direction. Again. Thirty seven. Ten seconds intellectual Martin down the lane on his free. As you went. Athletic. Away. But a foul called daily what an effort was backpedaling mar went out to fuss with two hands. I don't know how you can. Three three point four seconds hermetic locks on top by four Martin. He's only a fifty seven percent foul shooter early on the Susan. Doc, tell the first one to three point game Batty end tighter bait out there's your office of of switched carpaccio swoops down Kimball Boras. So they're making some changes offense defense as well. Pressure. Point ball associates. Martin fires that hits a two point contest with thirty three point four seconds reading but Kelly, right? Thanks to catch the corner. He steps to the double team, but a foul called it'll reach shady page who is trying to sell the tie. Yup. Yup. Fire Scott rowdy said. Kelly white to the free Philadelphia L A Q Carter right in the corner of the court has not where you want to catch it when you're on offense. So. Now what you do when you catch it down. W. The white thing you rip it through the concert. So soon as you call it the contact the recovery the game kid is strong as he is not the biggest guy six foot bucket, but us powerful, and he just ripped through the contact with the foul cave. And you hope you fficials are doing what they're supposed to be doing there. Mckinley at the free throw line with thirty one point three seconds. Fires. The first one old visit. Come on fellas. It's a two point ballgame seventy seventy seventy seventy five. This one. Fires knocks. So what is it three point eighty to seventy seven? Now the the festival. The principle is Barton top Akiva, three. And I got a piece of that one. And the rebound is coming away the hands up toddler daily. On braille block the free point attempt by challenge. I think he just got a finger on it. He's leading Martineau bought it too. Fell when against this. Would that is his third play by daily on Brown with twenty three point eight seconds? Reading eighty to seventy seven title fell light up to our left to shoot two one. Plus the police that was the is that was attempting to. Fires. Four point day with that. One more to get a five point affair with twenty four seconds left. Let's fly. Got to the point of Paul. Picked up on a Kelly. Right pushes across the tabloid. Stop and go blows by broken up. To pay Martin. Dole catching. Elevated. Extended swatted that one. Talked about Mark. But he's already had a career high point nineteen and he's on the line again Tyler day with nineteen points. Enormous bloodshot he's got nine rebounds. So he's one away from a double double there. Sixteen point four seconds remaining eighty to seventy seven. Not necessarily how high gets how quick he gets up point. He's got to the first time in his career. Marks the first one down buffs on top by six really liked about America's he was struggling earlier in this ball game. And now he has his career high to turn it around his show something tallest by these twenty one by rebounds. The buffs are on top eighty four seventy seven page buyers of free in for the. Be killing at a coal by eighty four eighty. Shaath was off by two feet. Point four seconds. It's the buffs. The Rams, of course. Guests for new coach and a lot of new players oppressed. What they have to play. This is Super Bowl. The game. You know, I don't know what kind of season they're going to have about the west right down the Patty class. They play hard game to gave out. Coach's job. Oh, okay. You played that way against the buffs. That same kind of game against one of those rubble the bills mid week games of the Missouri valley. Gold Gatling behind by bounce with the boss. We'll see New Mexico. How big is wrong. Down the before. Hawaii to get down to Albuquerque. Substituted in Karachi was more system. That was a foul. Wasn't it? Checking right there. The rates are going to make sure it was off see a sous. I don't think they can't they can't overturn after the call. Taking a look at the bottom eighty four eighty. I. Tesla tad it right out. Should've been a foul. He took a heck of a shot. I think you're right. I think we're gonna overturned us. Potter's hand with him. But we just gotta look at the replay team between the hands of Gatling boy upset. Stored over fifty points to the second half of this ball game. That's a third straight game. We'd have fifty or more points in the second. Eighty four eighty. All they are saying Colorado ball. No. The full court press defense, obviously for the Rams with ten seconds Thursday through throughout fort McKinley. Instead of running to the ball tried to leap up and ketchups. Intellect wide receiver you keep wanting under it. Going up and try to get it. It goes up his hand. Lucas tucson. He did. JD page fires three bullets out of the shadow go based there's a foul by this would at one point one second. Rated. Is gonna get a chance to pad his stats here. A little bit with the buffs are going to have to win rebound there. Right. It is temporary. Twenty points, ten rebounds a couple of workshops. Career high points. What he thinks we talked to Tyler. To talk to you tonight. Tossed by title. Fell to the foul line up twenty two points, ten rebounds, two players for the buffs doubled. Double achilles. Got with assist. Twenty three. By six that'll do it. Buffalo's lost football basketball to hard-fought eighty six eighty victory over the Rams the settled afternoon entertaining ballgame mar a second-half more energy better for credit credited kept coming back from those run run out of the state of the ball game and gave themselves a chance to to win it here late. I'll tell you.

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