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And so job we have ten two thousand new listeners every week so by way of foundation but let's let's take a step before we get into most recent events related to the election let's talk about your most recent film of in near of justice in the kingdom of crime educate our listeners run what you so articulate way and in depth fully present in that film that bowl lame stream media bowling stretched to winning streak fake media well never touch and that's so explained kirk he did average up to the and investigate all st beck's it big thanks it won't cost it goes but and the film and two the case a case of the facts of old the facts are a good from accusation criminal fraud in two thousand and twelve and it just goes a good documents than shows it really golden facts but with against the far pat gillick job with being an aggressive arm ear guided justin profar but what to jump though puerto majestic arm and get it and that's really that so really lay it got to a there's no water log in one the laws that a five two everyone we no longer have that us we have a good here's the of justice which is the other way of saying we have because the top people lot but apply it but he would may everybody else the general provided the people calling the shots that another thing that uh you know he level monarch eight yeah you know but any number rather label it of what you don't have a lot but don't brawl.

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