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Near at and t and verizon cell if you want to get in it's to start on the phones chris in williamstown what's up chris poitras always or even doing good have been chris were sorry for the brief military let's talk wild weather because you know what just the general talk to for a whole segment but you know i find this really interesting so you know i heard reports was refreshing my twitter in watching the nba channel like any other personnel as far away this story you know by the by the neck and you know there are reports i said the brian you know when he first got to to la when clark you know the reports saying he did start with magic johnson and they talk their reports have said that they just talk on the phone you know there i think that was the real reason number bryan even gave any other team that's shot because his people supposedly we're getting them and saying look you know you you gotta give these other teams a chance they've got real potential year you know and alternately the bronze said you know okay you guys go and the us today for me and you come back to me and tell me what you think for my mind is pretty much made up i'm going to chris chris his mind has been made up for a year that he was going to la the whole time they said that meeting was nothing more than a courtesy need eating i don't understand what what courtesy that exactly was it's comes off to me moore's disrespectful than anything else but he did the bottom line is he was going to la the whole time nobody else had a shot you know what hold on specific come jodi of me going back and forth on this on twitter for for the majority of the past hour they have two hours and possibly work but arpad saying it's all about money all wall lebron you know the lakers have more cap route to to go out and acquire more tally on abroad that the sixers didn't necessarily have because they had to shed tower to get you know the money adequate enough to even asylum brown that's true chris the sixers could have just signed the brown without doing anything they didn't need to get rid anybody's donald brown so that okay why does it that jj rediker next day after it was enough of the brian james lake okay yes they would've had to renounce they would've had to renounce jj ready but jj radic is not jj piece that you wouldn't be you know it wouldn't kill you to give up jj redick who was a free agent at the time it's not like you had to waive him or something you anybody would give up for ron james okay but see you know if you were thinking about guys that were going to contribute to winning surprise we continue to help his team ilyasova bella no other guys that you know were key cogs moving wins in steamy regrets where it wasn't the playoffs to begin with like me say you know what are you saying exactly chris what are you so like ilyasova billon l one second chris what are you saying you.

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