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All right mike so give us a shout in and we'll get you in and go over everything with you share our knowledge with you and i think you'll feel pretty comfortable when you come out thanks mike gideon let's go right to nathan in schenectady good morning nathan hello i sent my ten forty in on february first and it was a male in and i didn't hear anything for a while i went to my refund pending pending pending then i get a letter six weeks later said that your line sixty four federal income w two is different from seventy four total payments well on sixty four was thirteen thousand five hundred and four and on seventy four it was one thousand three hundred and four i forgot to put the five in the hundreds column now i had to send back to kansas on a stop it stop address to to change this i couldn't find any form to refunded i gave him a big explanation my show them that like hey i forgot to put the five in the hundreds so i'm looking at another six weeks to get four thousand five hundred back so now my question is if they send me back something in six weeks and say hey you didn't send in the right form tonight i go into clinton street in albany can i can i settle that in albany at the irs headquarters the sixth floor i am a federal building and i can't tell you how long because we don't think that many audits anymore everything's done by mail but i i think on the sixth floor they have a taxpayer helps section and you could probably go up there or you can contact the taxpayer advocates office you'd have to google the already phone number send you to another number and so you go to the sixth floor if that's the case and i probably would have to bet since i'm a betting person that you will get another letter from them before you get a direct response for your inquiry usually takes eight to twelve weeks to get a response from correspondent so you might have a little bit of weight there i can tell you this i think if the refund is issued after i'm guessing june yeah i mean it's like they're not allowed to.

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