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Could breathe new life into legalizing these sites. It violates federal law that was U. S attorney for Western Washington and Trump nominee Brian Moran two years ago, telling me he would stop any site in Seattle from opening the directional we clear. Quick, inconsistent. Stop it. But Moran could be out when Biden takes office Nominating a new U. S attorney for our area, and like President Obama's administration didn't enforce federal marijuana laws. Supporters hope Biden will do the same with heroin and then the by an administration not particularly enforcing different provisions of federal law. Certainly hopeful that within you Congress we can have some progressive policy change happened in Seattle. Matt Markovich. CUOMO NEWS UNITED NATIONS health experts looking into the origin of the Corona virus have arrived in China. ABC is Britt Clinic reports from Hong Kong. After months of hard fought, wrangling and setbacks, the World Health Organization mission has finally touched down in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Carry out of politically sensitive investigation into the origins of the Corona virus. But like all other travelers to China, the health experts will first have to undergo a 14 day quarantine. The 10 member team will investigate the possible animal origin of the virus and how it was amplified from the market. Doctor Michael Ryan, executive director of health emergencies at the W. H o Said that the goal is quote not about finding somebody to blame. The W H O visit comes as China reports its first coronavirus death in eight months. Cases have been researching in recent weeks, mainly in northern Herb, a province surrounding Beijing. Which clinic ABC News. Hong Kong prosecutors in Wisconsin want to adjust the terms of bail for the now 18 year old shooting suspect in Kenosha following his appearance in a bar ABC is Erica Turkey has more. Kyle Rittenhouse had just pleaded not guilty to homicide and other charges when court records said he was photographed drinking in a bar while flashing white power signs and being serenaded with the anthem of the proud boys. While police found no violations of his bond. They alerted prosecutors who are now seeking to modify conditions. They want him stopped from associating with known militia members or white supremacists and prohibited from displaying gestures associated with those groups. He's charged in the shootings of three men during protests in Kenosha over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Aaron Carter Ski ABC NEWS 9 20. Now your call.

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