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The dolphins adam gays had a great first year tenants six from one of four attended six made the postseason dramatically changed the offense was a candidate for coach of the year case was terrific a secondyear was a nightmare he'd be the first tell ya it was in bed malkey do bad but it wasn't good enough but i am gays going to take responsibility falcons he's not gonna pouring in and outside of like todd haley to come in and to try and leave this mark no no no no no and gave birth somebody from chicago diagnose hino coldplay's plays anyway case calls place so the idea haley coming in ah don't see it now there is some dolphin news i'm going to get to a little bit later on in the show because they're in a weird spot daily help a linebacker they need help desperately on the offensive line put with ten a hill missing off 2017 with tan who going down in 2016 and was i tanna hill solid he's not spectacular there is a quarterback doe who i think he's going to go in the first few of listeners shell he's a quarterback that i like a great deal pretty much banging the drum begging might dolphins tateco begging and i'll tell you this even know i wouldn't say it is a necessity for the miami dolphins two draft quarterback in the first round i will tell you this if they end up with this quarterback i get him in late april i will be downright ecstatic i'll tell you who that is we'll get to the jets who i think should be players for todd haley to be the next offensive coordinator and i want to hear from you and eight seven seven thirty three seven sixty six sixty six up daytime to areas the my show friday's jay this report is sponsored by tax doctor.

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