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From business superstars like Mac Michael McIntyre from investors Bank Shep hike in the world renowned customer service expert Bruce Katz from Samuel Hubbard, Beth Comstock, former CMO at G and many other great gas and we're going to be sharing those clips in tonight show quick one liners that you can apply in your business. In addition, later on in the show, I'll be joined by talented colleagues here of mine here at bottom line marketing Group B L M G and the special segment called Talking Tactics. Talking tactics is again. It's exactly what it is. We're gonna We're gonna be talking tactics and sharing valuable advice. That, um, that that Hey, you know, we have a great staff here. BMG Bottom line Marketing group, and they're going to be sharing some very They're going to be talking tactics. Um As the listeners know. Throughout the shows. We cover such a wide range of topics and business categories. Strategic planning, communications, marketing and advertising, time management, hiring social media and so much more and tonight's edition, you'll be getting a sampling off of a wide range. We're going to be talking about the customer experience. I mean ship. Hiken is one of the leading people in the world that speak about that, and he'll be featured in tonight's show. Special. Thank you to the great team here at BLM G Surly Mikhail Braca. Miriam. Abigail Malki. Thank you. And to the great folks at 77, WNBC James Glenn, Matt Chris. Thank you. And of course, we have a robust YouTube channel. And we're on Spotify on all the major podcasting channels and that's ah. On the main site for this show. That's where you can access every single past guests. The interview I had last week with Dr Rich Roberts. The interviews I had I had with Beth Comstock. What about the interview I had with Greg Williams, the master negotiator back. We're going. We're going. We're going to. You know, we're gonna hear from him again tonight as well. Um, so so the actually we're gonna go to a short commercial break when we come back. We're going to open with top tips from business leaders in today's environment will be right back state owned every accounting firm.

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