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Flu symptoms? Try Nyquil severe the night times. If Ling sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head best leave with a cold. Medicine. Use as directed keep out of reach of Children. Experts are trying to figure out what's caused the deaths of thousands of birds in the West Correspondent Barry Petersen reports from BAR late Colorado. Some experts blame an early September cold snap. When temperatures dropped 60 degrees in a single day, killing off insects there. No flying insects. There's no food for the birds to eat, and they are more likely to become start starvation. Scott Rashid runs the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute. He thinks smoke and ash from unprecedented forest fires across the rest may also be a factor outside for all the ash coming out of the sky and Looking at these poor birds and thinking about all smaller lungs are to me. My guess is that they just they can't breathe anymore. The dead birds were first notice two months ago in New Mexico. Within a few weeks, the numbers had expanded to thousands of birds across other states. Lisa Matteo CBS News This is Chicago's All news station used radio 78 and one Opie 10.9. W BBM news radio dot com w BB. I'm news time 605. It is Saturday, the 24th of October. Good afternoon. I'm Dave Marr said. It's 42 degrees and we've got mostly cloudy skies were headed to an overnight low of about 37 Our top local story on news radio W. BBM. Former Chicago police superintendent is making more headlines after reports of a domestic disturbance at his home last night. BBM Sze Andy Dane with a report Chicago police, who reportedly called to the home of former police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, for what was described as a domestic incident. Sometimes reports Johnson allegedly shoved his wife during a disagreement. No injuries were reported, and no arrests were made. It's not the first time Johnson's name has been in the news this week. The Tribune has reported that a cook County grand jury is seeking more information about the night Johnson was found asleep at the wheel near his Bridgeport home after a night of drinking incident that led to his firing. The move could mean criminal charges against others involved in that investigation. Andy Day. NewsRadio 105.9 FM vehicle struck three University of Notre Dame students, killing two of them early today in South Bend, South Bend. Police say that the vehicle hit three pedestrians before crashing into a house. This occurred just after four this morning. Police said that the driver was cooperating with, um Notre Dame President Reverend John Jenkins identified the 19 year old students who died as Malaria. Espinel from Ah thie from Ecuador and Olivia Laura RoHaas from Bolivia. The South Bend Tribune reports that the roadway intersection where the students were struck does not have sidewalks. But I has again shattered the daily Corona virus case record from It's 6100 and 61 new infections in the 24 hour period ending last night. Death tolls have been gradually increasing. Along with those surging cases. The state is averaging 42 Covad 19 deaths per day over the last week. Double the rate this time last month. Today's figures include 63 deaths, bringing those states death toll to 9481 spike in Corona virus cases lead to new restrictions in several counties, including Kane County, But one businesses defying Governor Pritzker's orders, indoor seating and service is no longer allowed at bars and restaurants in Kane County, But luau coffee is standing up to Governor Pritzker's new orders. The Campton Hills Coffee shop has defied guidelines. Is the start of the pandemic, citing a violation of human rights and now dozens of patrons air still inside without masks, and a few staff members are also not wearing masks, Campton Hills police chief Stephen Miller tells the Kane County Chronicle on Ly the county health department has the authority to take away their licence. Shut them down or issue finds. Rachel Pearson, NewsRadio one or 5.9 FM W BBM News Times six Traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by M. C squared energy. Here's Tran Erickson. We've got downtown street closures in place for filming that through tomorrow, and primarily, it's unless out between Jackson and Washington. However, there are there other streets closures that they're going to be in place, and they do it on an as needed basis. No problems on your Eden's. If you're headed out, you're headed in. You're going too slow between Peterson Looks like the Kennedy Junction 24. Minutes coveted from Lake Cook Kennedy Inbound, slow approaching couple it. Take that, too, about the bird interchanges pockets of open by this, But for the most part, it's slow 39 minutes Informal here. 22 from the Edens junction Back out is clear. Just 20 minutes to the airport. Eisenhower Mannheimer display Nes in slower than heavy from David of the perimeter change. Altogether. It's 30 for company from 3 90. Making your way in from Manhattan is 21 Back out is clear. The Stevenson Harlem to Pulaski, your inbound delays of that approach into full inbound and Ryan ramp up outside as its full day and Ryan inbound ramp to But there was no delays approaching it and then slow from David to Cicero. It's 30 for either way between good Div Ivan Lakeshore Drive, The Dan Ryan from 31st is heavy and out approaching 95th. 21 in for Daddy 50 Back out is 17. I 57 at that 15 minute pace with no delays. No issues of the dead Ryan like that. The Bishop Ford Outbound. The inbound side is slow from 103rd onto the Dan Ryan 17 in from 18. 94. Now Lakeshore Drive your delays. North bound. Begin it. Roosevelt, taking through Grand Park to Chicago Avenue south, outside's heavy for Michigan to Chicago Avenue and approaching the Stevenson. On the tri states over the by along bridge. You're gonna have roadwork delays here and there right now. It's okay. Usually see a south bound delay, but they both have both sides have road We're going on right over the mile Long Bridge Watch for that this weekend. The atoms, regular veterans, But more of the rest of the two always look great. Terrific shape on 53 3 99 80 making your way into Northwestern yet on 80 94 While it looks terrific, either direction, you two's You've got pretty good at 90 for two. No delays we found in 65 for the Indiana Toll Road in your next traffic report. It's 6 18 NewsRadio 7 81 of Pipo. Nine f N W BBMak, You weather Tonight Chili Becoming cloudy the low 38 tomorrow it will be mostly cloudy and chili with a high of 47. It's 43 degrees at last report at O'Hare Midway 44. We've got mostly cloudy skies 42 at the lakefront and it's cloudy and 47 in Joliet Winds are out of the northeast of 13. W BBM news time. 6 10 thinking about life insurance. Did you know In just a few minutes, you could find the best price from up to 10 price competitive companies for free. You can with select quote..

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