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Think that he does make a little bit of sense underneath and that of course gently dot Mr freeze he he just he's been consistent enough outside of those last year races that it's a little dumb not to use it. and. Now, we'll get into the best race of this week and we do actually before we get into this, I do WanNa to mention we did forget to get to the flower bowl so we'll get to that following the conclusion of talking about this, but this is the best race of the weekend. The Qa to at keeneland mile in eighth for three ruled phillies. Aside, from sharing all the top names that you would hope to see in a race like this week. Milania Antoinette. Magic attitude. Harvey's a little oil red lark and even horses like handy even horse like Hendy Woods. All horses that are super talented. Definitely do deserve to be here and it's it's very fun. Race. Tibetan is a really fun race to look at it. In terms of watching all these really good phillies compete against each other ultimately, I'm going to go to Hollywood and he would set a really good consistent career. She's got three wins including a steak win at Indiana grant. She was second last time in the edgewood behind. Sharing which is the real reason why I'm super on her I think the sharing the best three-year-old filly this year and I really did like that good second from Hollywood's in here I willing to throw out the seventh-place finish and she had in the regret that was a blanket finish where the chart says seven place, but she was rather close to that. and. It wasn't ultimately beaten by that much. So I will take her on top here. Got To US forces like magic attitude and I will throw in Sweet Milania underneath But there are so many different routes that you can go on this race. It's this is a a very super good seal detailed..

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