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Bed or i'm hungry it's time for a meal or you know our after our and i just i was ms marrived and and in a in a stupor and the guy would not he really he really wanted to leave with a check and it's like no i can't but it's it's this is this is such nineteenth century technique you know what i mean that job hasn't whatever they're holding up fuller brushes in the middle of the twentieth century you know buggy whips in the nineteen it's all it's the same it's it's pathetically part of our collective and i i find those those are ours we'll never get back but i i have nothing but you know but empathy for the guy especially because he was so bad as john your number one like i actually him it is i just to make a movie about it sounds like this very cinematic well my number one is actually taking care of by a listener from ferndale michigan jif mile olatunde great jeff might let's hear what jeff has to say hey film starting just my loan ferndale michigan on upon about jobs worst movie jobs i feel like mine's cheat because it's so exaggerated and and outrageous in the movie but jonathan prices than lowry in brazil i can't think of any other film that that are captures how human is the lower drones that the desk drones of faceless corporate entity can feel when when they're in their their box like cubicles the reason i'm picking this as the worst job is for obvious reasons i i think any job is crappy if it feels like it's fucking your soul and that's spoiler alert almost sort of what happens at the end of brazil but more than that on gilliam as director dresses every scene at central services with a wash of numbing gray gray everywhere especially in the in the scene where a lower fights for his side of a table which is itself cut between a wall that he's sharing with some other sad sap and you can just see how stress intensities characters are so yeah not a healthy work environment but a a great draw are universal film anyway great joke i took my number one to sam lowry in terry gilliam's brazil and i'm so glad that jeff singled out the scene which is truly one of the best minutes that gilliam's ever put on film were low or is getting at this sort of unspecified government job in this sort of orwellian you know miserable government you know facility that's all this kind of ashen grey tone thing he gets horrible desk in this tiny cramped office and it turns out to be connected to the desk at the other side of the and it's just wonderful struggle about who's going to get more of the desk and you don't know who we struggling with until a little bit a little bit later in the scene but it's just that's just one of many indignities lowry has to endure in brazil mrs jonathan pryce playing of course but what makes it even sadder i think is that lowery is really trying to just simply right wrong there's been an innocent citizen accused of terrorism and larry's trying to fix the problem and get the paperwork straight out and then the that's what kicks us whole bizarre byzantine labyrinth sort of crazy plot into motion it's i've always found the film you know funny and then every laugh practically catches in your throat it's like ashes in the mouth because that's that's the intention it's it's gilliam sensibility i think the little guy that goes up against the system rarely wins ever in gilliam film and of course he's he's working off pretty well known source material here in that he's riffing on orwell's nineteen eightyfour among other things huxley's brave new world and it's all it's all kind of rolling around in here but lowery's plight and something just about that that kind of office anonymous office drone is is a is an image that the movies keep coming back to get king of v doors crowd and twenty eight this still one of my favorite shots and all of cinema the overhead swoop down the crane shush down across an unbelievable diagonals see of of urban desks right and it's.

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