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Handgun, you buy try them out recall that outshot. You recall that, that I I'd beat you talking about man. We had you're talking about I out shot. You. No, you didn't out you getting there is no. I had better accurate. You're not I had better accuracy now. That's not true. Actually, you did not. Come on, don't lie. I'm not gonna let you go on the public airwaves and sprint fake news. Just for I also as you recall, scored perfectly in the in the written exam. Oh you did. Why this land Pete? Yes. Yes. Yes, I did. Eighty cents. I. Okay. I'm not even let you say. All right. Come on, man. It's eight fifteen in the morning, I'm sure those trying to do her traffic, who, by the way, is a better shot than say, who did outshot both of you, but who's gonna while? I'm not gonna I'm not gonna deny that. Eight fifteen check on traffic. Here's Melinda Iraq on the right shoulder. Thirty five southbound just past wells branch Parkway stalled vehicle. Also on the right shoulder moped, southbound approaching twenty two twenty two reported collisions. Lamar Saint John's came wrote at toll when thirty in an injury wreck at Campbell in Pitt street, your next report's at eight thirty three. I'm Melinda Brandt with us on time travel. Hey, hey, it's flow. Word of never understood top hat aren't all hats on top the toughest part of every outfit unless I've been doing it wrong. That's why I stick with simple words like flow tech Shen. It means the sense of security, you'll feel when your new home is protected by home insurance through me and progressive also there shouldn't.

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