Amazon, Iphones, Apple discussed on WSJ Tech News Briefing


In its its new apple park headquarters differentiate itself from amazon in the sense that they really want to bring as many of their ploys together in one place for collaborative purposes as possible so a second headquarters really wouldn't make sense for them based on what they said in the past suit at these latest moves one could say and certainly some art saying that this has a lot to do with the decade worth of criticism for overseas manufacturing over making iphones at home if it does could this start to make good on that is this a big first step for apple certainly apples face criticism over its manufacturing practices for years and a lot of that has escalated during the presidential campaign last year when when president trump really in a put a bulls eye on apple and call cut it out for some of its manufacturing practices kind of this new america's first environment apple really sought to emphasize what it planned to do in the us with some of its overseas cash holdings and that's why i put the emphasis on three hundred fifty billion dollars that's committed to the us economy and a huge part of this obviously has to do with the overhaul of the tax code it's another interesting look at the tech industries relationship with government right i guess this move is a good one for that relationship right this is something the tim cooke has been very vocal about for years he actually appear before congress several years ago and face a lot of criticism from senators four apples tax practices an in the us potentially dodging taxes here as well as in other countries around the world and we certainly know that it's face criticism in europe where ireland is seeking to recover at the request of the eu 13 billion euros and and unpaid taxes so apples face criticism for awhile this is something they've sought themselves say they wanted to bring money back to the euus for a long time but tim cooke has consistently said he was unwilling to do so at the in what he essentially caused cotti huge huge tax rate that the us was commanding prior to the new tax bill.

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