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Hundred dollars for the first trip into the hospital and that two hundred dollars day for rethinking their late trade cancelling and they said my uh uh bank didn't have any money and i'm in it for that and that out uh refused and uh the automatic pay was refused and so i wanna the bank and no was not and so any how they seen polite you know uh go check it out and let us know on that's not been will pay up you know so far i haven't got money auto insurance uh the uh it's it's not just a five hundred dollar deductible uh it's five hundred dollars deductible for about four different things really is not so in other words four different things on the car 500 for each r e s so let me know uh overall it uh my my car insurance has been uh probably the easiest to deal with china and i never ever had an accident like this before man don't ever want to know that nobody good luck to you they've and i'll tell you one other thing in a week or two we are going to have a guest on who tells it i didn't know you could renegotiate your car loan he's going to talk to us tell us how we can renegotiate a car loan to so this may help save money as well but good luck to you i hope things turn out for the best and i'll be thinking about you i appreciate your call it's trevor in dan rouge good morning trevor wherever oh it's dave okay nevermind dave and they'll rapid noheads dared the button wasn't working sorry trevor it's not your fault to my fault okay from abc we have uh i just wonder wish a happy to talk to you my my issue with the nature's heard.

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