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Beat reporter vicki thomas is live and local with the story vicky and jackie there's been a nearly ninety percent drop in tax foreclosures of owner occupied homes here in detroit and mayor mike duggan says they're now making grass and tax foreclosures and homes where renters are staying renters like rachel williams sims and her family you guys probably see me get a little emotional back there as the mayor was talking but we were the renters the landlord actually came in this past the timber and just said hey i'm not paying property theft so no more i don't want nothing to do with it and she says she was ready to leave detroit until she called the united coalition of housing coalition and found out about the right of first refusal program know too much about it but i said you know what i'm gonna put my faith in them and that's what i did and i'm so excited about being a first time homebuyer reporting live and local in detroit vicki thomas ww jane newsradio nine fifty all right thanks vickie nissan recalling nearly one hundred five thousand small vehicles to replace takata air passenger passenger airbags those bags have inflators they can explode in hurled shrapnel at drivers and passengers included are the twenty eleven versus sedan and the twenty eight twenty twelve versa hatchback it only applies to cars that have been registered in forty two states in washington dc at least twenty three people have died worldwide about three hundred have been hurt health officials in illinois and iowa are investigating after an increase in people becoming sick from a parasite that causes intestinal illness and is being linked to mcdonalds salads the illinois department of public health said that it has received confirmation of about ninety cases the iowa department of public health in its own release said it has identified fifteen cases linked to the same illness an parasite mcdonald's is also investigating and has fully cooperating with state health and state health officials and as well as the cdc a new article in the annals of internal medicine compares the current opioid epidemic to the early days of hiv it explores recommendations made by a panel of experts based on lessons learned from that previous crisis among them are more state funding stronger interdisciplinary care network and assistant which sets patients up with communitybased treatment upon discharge from the hospital only way to provide medications is.

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