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Supporters include apple music presenting clive davis the soundtrack of our lives a documentary from rock in the '60s to the rise of hiphop led by clive davis interviews with bruce springsteen aretha franklin and more now playing at ifc center on saturdays wnyc is all about the stories stories about the day's news i'm not just wanted to willy nilly make generalizations about an entire group of people based on my feelings on stories that transport here on the bus to school there was this hugo will be there said larisa of lows in the book named jerry and that was usually what i would do the news you want the break you need saturdays on 939 fm w n y c as your chatham pat a man bamut john vanished chatumongkol said his day let's get surge rose to sing a song all right so phan been singing songs together for quite a long time now we have an it's always wonderful to get to deal with you all a fullforward every time.

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